Document Title The Calcutta Municipal Gazette, Twelfth Health Number, 26th April, 1941
Document Type Gazetteer
Language English
Publisher Name Superintendent, Government Printing, Bengal Government Press
Publisher Region Alipore, Bengal
Publication Date 1941
Subject Government, Politics and Public Policy
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i-xv unknown Download PDF (3.11 MB)
Public Health with Special Reference to Food and Drug Control 1-4 Ramnath Chopra Download PDF (408 KB)
The Post-Graduate Teaching of Medical Men in India a Plea for Increased Facilities 5-6 H.E. Murray Download PDF (214 KB)
The Development of Public Health in America 7-11 Wilson Smillie Download PDF (580 KB)
Mending Men Seemauled by Moloch 12-19 Nihal Singh Download PDF (3.13 MB)
Old Calcutta Health and Sanitation—A Hundred Years Ago 20-iii B.V. Roy Download PDF (1.42 MB)
Diet in the Tropics 24-iii S.D.S. Greval Download PDF (1.01 MB)
Women and Alcohol 27-27 Owen Berkeley-Hill Download PDF (119 KB)
Definition of Terms in Health Education 28-29 unknown Download PDF (198 KB)
Fountains of Health 30-31 B. Venkatavaradan Download PDF (919 KB)
Public Health in the Soviet Union 32-33 S. Upadhyay Download PDF (956 KB)
Common Colds 34-i Robert Olesen Download PDF (369 KB)
The Chinese Art of Eating 36-37 Lin Yutang Download PDF (208 KB)
Snakes and Snakebite with Some Suggestions for Treatment 38-45 D.N. Roy Download PDF (1.32 MB)
The Psychology of Eating 46-48 S.C. Laha Download PDF (373 KB)
Mother and Child i-87 unknown Download PDF (16.15 MB)
On Hypochondriacs 88-iii Buddhadeva Bose Download PDF (569 KB)
Are Tonsils Useful ? 89-i T. Harding Download PDF (373 KB)
Mental Cleanliness 91-91 Irene Ray Download PDF (118 KB)
How to Keep Fit 92-93 Dabiruddin Ahmad Download PDF (380 KB)
Diet for Diabetics 94-98 Nihal Singh Download PDF (1.02 MB)
Rice as a Food its Defects and How to Improve them 99-101 B. Ganguly Download PDF (427 KB)
Where Health and Education Go Hand in Hand a Novel School at Udaipur 102-107 Adrienne Moore Download PDF (2.79 MB)
Health & Sanitation Duties of a Citizen 108-iii Amulyaratan Chakravarti Download PDF (1.48 MB)
Paper Protection 109-i Sumantra Mahalanobis Download PDF (249 KB)
Mental Health through Conquest of Happiness 110-112 D.N. Maitra Download PDF (525 KB)
Accidents in the Home —Adopt these Emergency Measures 113-117 P.N. Ray Download PDF (1,013 KB)
Epidemic Dropsy and Argemone Oil 118-i A.K. Sen Download PDF (507 KB)
A Visit to Vizag 120-122 Ajit Bose Download PDF (1.12 MB)
About Tuberculosis 123-142 unknown Download PDF (3.36 MB)
Dogs and Rabies 143-145 unknown Download PDF (916 KB)
About Syphilis 146-i unknown Download PDF (321 KB)
About Gonorrhea 147-149 unknown Download PDF (739 KB)
A Call from the Hills 150-152 Erika Sorgay Download PDF (1.54 MB)
Health and Primitive Life 153-i Tarak Das Download PDF (2.38 MB)
Book Review
A Home Doctor* 158-158 B.N. Ghosh Download PDF (128 KB)
Malaria Control* 158-159 K.L. Chowdhury Download PDF (617 KB)
Cycling for Health & Sport 159-161 Sachimohan Mukerjee Download PDF (1.32 MB)
Eating Houses in Calcutta 162-iii J.P. Chaudhuri Download PDF (630 KB)
The War in Human Body 163-ii Sivapada Bhattacharya Download PDF (904 KB)
Calcutta “Bustees” Mayor Confers with Owners 1-6 unknown Download PDF (526 KB)
Chronicle and Comment 789-790 unknown Download PDF (257 KB)
Engineering Municipal & General 791-792 unknown Download PDF (335 KB)
Calcutta News & Views a Digest 793-794 unknown Download PDF (258 KB)
Civic News from Far and Near 795-795 unknown Download PDF (111 KB)
Letters to the Editor 796-798 unknown Download PDF (730 KB)
Calcutta Associations & Institutions 799-799 unknown Download PDF (125 KB)
The World of Books 800-800 unknown Download PDF (174 KB)
Legal Intelligence 801-803 unknown Download PDF (384 KB)
The— Improvement Trust 803-804 unknown Download PDF (244 KB)
Vital Statistics 804-804 unknown Download PDF (125 KB)
House Drainage—New Connections 804-805 unknown Download PDF (275 KB)
Vendors Convicted 806-806 unknown Download PDF (105 KB)
Corporation and Market Notices 807-826 unknown Download PDF (1.91 MB)
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