Publication Title Prabuddha Bharat
Document Title Volume XLIV, Issue 10, 1939
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Advaita Ashram, Wellington Lane
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date October - 1939
Subject Religion and Philosophy
Title Pages Author / Editor
Swami Abhedananda: in Memoriam 469-472 Ashokananda Download PDF (283 KB)
Message of Modern Science 472-478 Ashokananda Download PDF (511 KB)
Sri Krishna, the Builder of a United India 478-486 Akshaya Banerjea Download PDF (642 KB)
Speak No Evil 486-487 Nicholas Roerich Download PDF (136 KB)
The Role of the New Teacher 488-492 D.N. Roy Download PDF (364 KB)
Need of Spiritual Development Today 492-496 G Lounsbery Download PDF (360 KB)
Some Vedantic Views on Universal Causation 496-498 Ashokanath Shastri Download PDF (210 KB)
Life of St. Catherine of Siena 498-503 Wolfram Koch Download PDF (448 KB)
The Nature of Yoga in the Bhagavad-Gita and Patanjala Yoga-Sutras 503-507 Narayan Srivastava Download PDF (361 KB)
Mulamadhyama-Karika 507-510 Vimuktananda Download PDF (254 KB)
Notes and Comments 510-513 Ashokananda Download PDF (300 KB)
Reviews and Notices 513-516 unknown Download PDF (325 KB)
News and Reports 516-520 Ashokananda Download PDF (398 KB)
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