Publication Title Prabuddha Bharat
Document Title Volume LVII, Issue 12, 1952
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Advaita Ashram, Wellington Lane
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date December - 1952
Subject Religion and Philosophy
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter 1-18 Vandanananda Download PDF (1.18 MB)
To the Divine Mother 477-477 Cecille Pomerene Download PDF (38 KB)
Liberation through Real Renunciation 478-480 Vandanananda Download PDF (268 KB)
The Kingdom of God and the Brotherhood of Man 481-485 Vandanananda Download PDF (442 KB)
Sri Sarada Devi 485-487 Vitasokananda Download PDF (267 KB)
Sister Nivedita 488-492 Kalpalata Munshi Download PDF (440 KB)
The Holy Mother Glimpses of her Personality 493-496 Ananyananda Download PDF (326 KB)
The Study of Philosophy 496-500 P. S. Sastri Download PDF (427 KB)
The Holy Mother her Life and Teachings 501-505 Lalita Devi Download PDF (429 KB)
Reminiscences of the Holy Mother 505-507 Kumud Sen Download PDF (256 KB)
Notes and Comments 508-510 Vandanananda Download PDF (252 KB)
Reviews and Notices 510-513 Vandanananda Download PDF (382 KB)
News and Reports 513-516 Vandanananda Download PDF (397 KB)
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