Publication Title Bharatbarsa (Bengali)
Document Title Volume I, Issue 2, 1913
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Gurudas Chattopadhyay & Sons
Publication Date 1913
Subject Literature (and Fiction)
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i-i Jaladhar Sen Download PDF (299 KB)
Upama Kalidasasa 153-158 Bijaychandra Majumdar Download PDF (752 KB)
Mahakabi Varobi 158-162 Saratchandra Sastri Download PDF (336 KB)
Mantra Sakti 163-170 Anurupa Devi Download PDF (1.01 MB)
Chinnahasta 170-180 Sureshchandra Samajpati Download PDF (1.28 MB)
Haridwar 180-187 Hemendrakumar Roy Download PDF (1.35 MB)
Darar Adhapatan 187-193 Kalidas Roy Download PDF (1.42 MB)
Sekele Katha 194-i Karunanidhan Bandopadhaya Download PDF (1.25 MB)
Rajmohaler Sahit PoundraKhetrer Sammandha 201-205 Haridas Palit Download PDF (608 KB)
May Queen 206-211 Prafullanalini Devi Download PDF (880 KB)
Kaliprasanna Singha 211-219 Jaladhar Sen Download PDF (1.66 MB)
Suraj Kuor 219-232 Nagendranath Gupta Download PDF (2.09 MB)
Praschatta Pret Tatta 232-238 Karunanidahn Bandopadhaya Download PDF (1.14 MB)
Prakton 239-250 Jatindramohan Bagchi Download PDF (1.71 MB)
Chhatra Mahima 250-253 Dwijendralal Roy Download PDF (375 KB)
Uttarbange Sahitya Sammilan 254-270 unknown Download PDF (2.37 MB)
Bibidh-Prosanga 271-282 unknown Download PDF (3.12 MB)
Bharatborser Adoeytabad 283-288 Kokileswar Bhattcharya Download PDF (900 KB)
Shankar Darshan 289-292 unknown Download PDF (277 KB)
Rathyatra 293-296 unknown Download PDF (467 KB)
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