Publication Title Bharatbarsa (Bengali)
Document Title Volume II, Issue 2, 1950
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Gurudas Chattopadhyay & Sons
Publication Date 1950
Subject Literature (and Fiction)
Title Pages Author / Editor
Prachin Bharater Jantapatir Kahini 89-92 Bimal Singha Download PDF (481 KB)
Dater Marjada 93-96 Keshab Gupta Download PDF (256 KB)
Damodar Vali Corparation 97-100 Kumud Ray Download PDF (339 KB)
Kaler Mandira 101-106 Saradindu Bandopdhyay Download PDF (414 KB)
Chitaranjan Rail-Engain Karkhana 106-107 Animesh Chottopadhyay Download PDF (155 KB)
Andaman-Nikobar Deeppunjyo 107-109 Manindranath Bandopadhyay Download PDF (228 KB)
Rashifal 109-111 Jyoti Bachospati Download PDF (242 KB)
Abhinatri 112-116 Chandmohan Chakraborty Download PDF (362 KB)
Sopenharar Darshan 117-121 Tarak Ray Download PDF (450 KB)
Arabinda darshanar bhumika 122-124 Monindra Dutta Download PDF (215 KB)
Alfrad Nobel o 1950 Saler Nobel Puraskar 125-128 Subodh Gangopadhyay Download PDF (789 KB)
Asamiya Beer Lachit Barfukan 128-131 Sudhanshu Bandopadhyay Download PDF (344 KB)
Sri Arabindayer Darshan o Tahar Asram 132-135 Bibhuti Mitra Download PDF (1.26 MB)
Desh Bidesh 136-146 Hemandra Ghosh Download PDF (1.00 MB)
Sanbadik Arabinda 146-153 Hemandra Ghosh Download PDF (2.07 MB)
Darmandal 154-159 Tarashankar Bandopadhyay Download PDF (471 KB)
SriArabinda-Prasanga 160-161 Dhirendra Ray Download PDF (176 KB)
Lalmati 162-165 Narayan Gangopadhyay Download PDF (285 KB)
Samoyiki 166-169 unknown Download PDF (1.25 MB)
Khala-Dhula 170-175 Sailen Chottopadhyay Download PDF (2.35 MB)
Khalar Katha 176-176 Khetronath Ray Download PDF (70 KB)
Backmatter i-i unknown Download PDF (259 KB)
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