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Title Utsab (Bengali)
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Sri Chatreswar Chattopadhyay
Publisher Region Calcutta


Utsab was a Bengali monthly journal devoted to the religious and spiritual aspects of Hindu society and life. Started in 1313 B.S. (1906), the journal dwelt on the philosophical aspects of the Hindu religion. Utsab was edited by Ramdayal Majumdar and published by Chatreswar Chattopadhyay. The journal used to publish poems, hymns, essays, commentaries, mythologies, translations, devotional monologues, eulogies, obituaries and family charts.


Some authors who contributed to the journal were Asutosh Bandyopadhyay, Bijoy Krishna Gupta, Krishna Kishor Chattopadhyay, Kedarnath Sankhyaditirtha, Haran Chandra Majumdar, Harishchandra Chakraborty, Jagabandhu Bhattacharya, Sarat Kamal Bhattacharya, Padmanath Bhattacharya, and Nirmal Chandra Ghosh. A number of women writers contributed to the journal. Mention may be made of Mrinalini Devi, Bhabatarini Devi, Rajbala Dasi, Sarojini Devi, Tarubala Devi, Nirmala Devi, Lilamoyee Devi, and Sasankashova Devi.


The key themes included devotion (‘Bhakti’), salvation (‘Siddhi’), chants (‘Mantra’), prayer (‘Prarthana’), death (‘Mrityu’), meditation (‘Dhyan’), study (‘Adhyayan’), rebirth (‘Janmantar’), knowledge (‘Gyan’), soul (‘Atman’), worship (‘Upasana’), education (‘Sikhsha’), sorrow (‘Shok’), pilgrimage (‘Tirthaparjatan’), and Brahmanism (‘Brahmanyabad’). The philosophical and spiritual reflections of the Ramayana were discussed regularly in the journal. Excerpts from the Rigveda Sanhita, the Yogabasishtha, the Srimadbhagabat Gita and the Vedanta were reproduced in the journal along with notes and commentaries. The journal extolled the mythical and historical personality of Sri Krishna and the most popular religious festivals associated with Him – ‘Janmastami’, ‘Doljatra’, ‘Jhulan’ and ‘Rasalila’. The celestial love affair of Sri Krishna and Radha was the subject of a number of articles. The journal also carried detailed accounts of two important religious festivals – Durga Puja and Shivaratri. A number of articles appeared in the journal on the mythical origins, philosophical dimensions and ritual aspects of these festivals. Other articles discussed the greatness and scholarship of the ancient Hindu sages. The journal published biographical accounts and the teachings of Kabir, Bhargav Sibramkinkar Jogatrayananda Swami, and Balmiki.

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