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Title Hindu Patrika (Bengali)
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Hindu Patrika, started in 1301 B.S. (1894), was a monthly Bengali journal devoted mainly to the philosophical, religious and spiritual tenets of Hinduism. The key themes were ‘Sashtras’, ‘Nyayadarshan’ (Nyaya Philosophy), ‘Upasana’ (Worship), ‘Vedantasutra’, ‘Tirthadarshan’ (Pilgrimage), Astikyabad (Belief in God), Nastikyabad (Atheism), ‘Jyotish’ (Astrology), ‘Srimadvagabatgita’, ‘Ramkrishnakothamrita’ (The Life and Teachings of Sri Ramakrishna), and Bhaktitattva (Theories of Devotion). The journal also incorporated Buddhist philosophy, its various representations and its impact on Hindu philosophy. Religious poems and hymns appeared occasionally. A section ‘Sambad o Mantabya’ (News and Comments) was later added to the journal.


Most of the contributors appeared actively involved in the preaching of Hinduism while others offered their intellectual perception on religious and spiritual themes. Serialized articles appeared in the journal. Excerpts from the Vedas, the Gita, the Upanishads and the Sri Ramkrishnakothamrita were published. Other articles included Dharmananda Mahabharati’s ‘Brahman Mahatma’ (Greatness of the Brahmana) and ‘Bed o Bednater Janmo’ (The Birth of the Vedas and Vedanta); Chandrasekhar Basu’s ‘Brahmabidya ebong Tahar Anushilan’ (The Pursuit of Brahman and its Practice); Saradindu Mitra’s ‘Swadeshi Somosya’ (The Problem of Swadeshi) and ‘Hindur Atmarakhsha’ (Self-defense of a Hindu); ‘Iswarer Swarup Ki?’ (What is the True Self of God?) by an anonymous writer; Sashibhushan Bandyopadhyay’s ‘Biswa Prem’ (Universal Love); Jagadishchandra Chakraborty’s ‘Sraddha tattva’ (Memorial Rituals); Bidhubhushan Sashtri’s ‘Daya o Hingsha’ (Kindness and Jealousy); Jadunath De’s ‘Gitay Bhaktijog’ (Devotionalism in the Gita); Ramsahay Kabyatirtha’s ‘Nimai Sanyas’ (Nimai, the Sage); Pearylal Datta’s ‘Karma-Dharma O Bhakti’ (Work–Religion and Devotion); and Surendranath Bhattacharya’s ‘Falita Jyotish’ (Applied Astrology).


Phanibhushan Tarkabagish’s ‘Nyaya Darshan’ (Nyaya Philosophy) and Khsitinath Ghosh’s ‘Prachya o Pratichya Jyotish’ (Eastern and Western Astrology) were two popular serial writings carried by the journal. Essays on Buddhism included Hariharananda Aranya’s serialized writings ‘Abhidharma ba Bouddha Darshan’ (Buddhist Philosophy) and ‘Bouddha Dharmer Bhitti’ (The Basis of Buddhism). Occasionally, speeches of religious leaders delivered at conferences were reproduced in the journal.

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