Publication Title Journal of the Bihar Research Society
Document Title Volume III, Issue III, 1917
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Published by the Bihar and Orissa Research Society
Publisher Region Patna
Publication Date September - 1917
Subject Anthropology and Archaeology
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i-ii unknown Download PDF (101 KB)
Leading Articles
I.—Hiuen Tsang’s Route in South Bihar: An identification of the Buddhavana Mountain and a discussion of the most probable site of the Kukkutapadagiri 293-i V.H. Jackson Download PDF (1.11 MB)
II.—Chemical Analysis of Silajit from the Hamia Hill 317-318 K.S Caldwell Download PDF (79 KB)
III.—The Bhanja Dynasty of Orissa 319-323 R.D Banarji Download PDF (153 KB)
IV.—First English Factory in Patna,1620-1621 324-340 E.A Horno Download PDF (845 KB)
V.—The Pirs; or,the Muhammadan Saints of Bihar 341-348 Saiyid Imam Download PDF (370 KB)
VI.—Note on Prehistoric Stone Implements found in the Singhbhum District 349-ix C.W Anderson Download PDF (3.56 MB)
VII.—Social Organization of the Birhors 363-371 Sarat Roy Download PDF (1.26 MB)
VIII.—Notes on Mangalkot 372-377 Abdul Wali Download PDF (292 KB)
IX.—A Folk-tale of a New Type from North Bihar and its Variants 378-405 Sarat Mitra Download PDF (1.18 MB)
X.—Notes on Club Life in Ancient India 406-415 Jitendra Bose Download PDF (483 KB)
Miscellaneous Contributions
I.—Note on some Unpublished Sanskrit Manuscripts 416-420 Amaranatha Jha Download PDF (172 KB)
II.—Not on Orissa Temples and Copper plate Inscriptions 421-422 Tarini Rath Download PDF (84 KB)
Notes of the Quarter
I.—Minutes of a Meeting of the Council of the Bihar and Orissa Research Society held at the Hon’ble Mr Walsh’s house, Bankipore, on the 20th April, 1917 423-426 unknown Download PDF (149 KB)
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