Publication Title Journal of the Bihar Research Society
Document Title Volume XXVIII, Issue IV, 1942
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Published by the Bihar and Orissa Research Society
Publisher Region Patna
Publication Date December - 1942
Subject Anthropology and Archaeology
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i-ix Saiyid Ali Download PDF (268 KB)
Leading Articles
A Few Christian Writers on Early India 341-383 A.C. Perumalil Download PDF (1.50 MB)
The Indian Cow-Herd God 384-405 Nanimadhab Chaudhuri Download PDF (855 KB)
Bhanitas in Vidyapati’s Padas 406-430 Bimanbihari Majumdar Download PDF (1,005 KB)
The Khut System of the Santals 431-439 G. Gausdal Download PDF (242 KB)
Miscellaneous Articles
Evolution of Magadhi Script (With Plate.) 440-441 A. Banerji-Sastri Download PDF (591 KB)
A Note on Royal Epistles 442-445 B. Bhattacharyya Download PDF (125 KB)
Mohenjo Daro and Bactria 446-454 A.P. Karmarkar Download PDF (322 KB)
History of the Chauhans from the Jayachandrika of Prahallad Dubey 455-467 P.C. Rath Download PDF (449 KB)
Two Garuda Images in Mathura Museum 468-472 M.M. Nagar Download PDF (189 KB)
Reviews and Notices of Books 473-486 unknown Download PDF (433 KB)
Notes of the Quarter 487-488 A. Banerji-Sastri Download PDF (60 KB)
Bhojpuri Village Songs Collected from Kayasth Households in Shahabad District, Bihar, 1940-41 i-xlix W.G. Archer Download PDF (1.26 MB)
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