Publication Title Journal of the Bihar Research Society
Document Title Volume XXXIX, Issue I, 1953
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Published by the Bihar and Orissa Research Society
Publisher Region Patna
Publication Date March - 1953
Subject Anthropology and Archaeology
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i-v K.K. Datta Download PDF (185 KB)
Lakulisa Pasupatas and Their Temples in Mediaeval India 1-9 B. P. Majumdar Download PDF (361 KB)
A Newly Discovered Volume of Awadhi Works Including Padmawat and Akhrawat of Malik Muhammad Jaisi 10-40 S.H Askari Download PDF (1.37 MB)
Two Brahml Inscriptions 41-48 D.C. Sircer Download PDF (632 KB)
Studies in Hindu Political Thought and its Metaphysical Foundations 49-85 Vishwanath Varma Download PDF (1.54 MB)
Bihar and the Indian Movement of 1857’59 86-105 K.K Datta Download PDF (883 KB)
The Judicial Administration of the East India Company in Bengal, 1765—1782 106-184 Bankey Mishra Download PDF (3.21 MB)
The Tribal Village as a Social Unit 185-193 Sachchidananda Download PDF (385 KB)
Annual Review of the Bihar Research Society for the Year 1952-53 194-198 L.K Jha Download PDF (202 KB)
Bihar Research Society Annual Report for 1952-53 199-202 unknown Download PDF (88 KB)
Bihar Research SocietyStatement of Accounts from 1st April 1952 to 28th February, 1953 203-205 unknown Download PDF (57 KB)
Notes of the Quarter 206-216 unknown Download PDF (333 KB)
Review of the Work of the K. P. Jayaswal Research Institute for the Year 1952-53 217-218 unknown Download PDF (68 KB)
Reviews of Books 219-222 unknown Download PDF (151 KB)
Select Contents From Journals 223-224 unknown Download PDF (75 KB)
Publications of the Bihar Research Society i-v unknown Download PDF (157 KB)
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