Publication Title Journal of the Bihar Research Society
Document Title Volume IV, Issue II, 1918
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Published by the Bihar and Orissa Research Society
Publisher Region Patna
Publication Date 1918
Subject Anthropology and Archaeology
Title Pages Author / Editor
Cover i-iii unknown Download PDF (273 KB)
Frontmatter i-ii unknown Download PDF (56 KB)
I.—Sites in Rajgir Associated with Buddha and His Disciples 113-135 D.N. Sen Download PDF (1.05 MB)
II.—Buddhism and Vedantism : A Parallel 136-143 D.N. Sen Download PDF (343 KB)
III.—Notes on Asoka’s Inscriptions (II) 144-147 K.P. Jayaswal Download PDF (141 KB)
IV.—Reference to Education in the Jatakas 148-162 J.N. Sikdar Download PDF (707 KB)
V.—Tekkali Inscription of Madhyamaraja, the son of Petavyalloparaja 162-167 Haraprasad Sastri Download PDF (206 KB)
VI.—Grant of Ranastambhadeva 168-171 Haraprasad Sastri Download PDF (128 KB)
VII.—Khandadeuli Inscription of Ranabhanja Deva 172-177 Haraprasad Sastri Download PDF (201 KB)
VIII.—Some Unpublished Records of the Sultans of Bengal 178-190 R.D. Banerji Download PDF (2.37 MB)
IX.—On the Use of the Swallow-worts in the Ritual, Sorcery, and Leecheraft of the Hindus and the Pre-Islamitic Arabs 191-213 Sarat Mitra Download PDF (901 KB)
X.—Birth, Childhood and Puberty Ceremonies among the Birhors 214-231 Sarat Roy Download PDF (791 KB)
Miscellaneous Contributions
I.—Note on five sculptured stones discovered in a ruined temple near Surajkund springs in the District of Hazaribagh 232-234 F.M. Hollow Download PDF (113 KB)
II.—King Pratapa Rudra Deva of Orissa and his ‘Sarasvati Vilasa’ 235-237 Tarini Rath Download PDF (103 KB)
III.—The Naik Caste 238-240 Prameshwar Lall Download PDF (106 KB)
Notes of the Quarter
I.—Minutes of an Ordinary Meeting of the Bihar and Orissa Research Society, held at the Patna College, on Monday, the 22nd April, 1918 241-241 E.H.C. Walse Download PDF (51 KB)
II.—Proceedings of a Meeting of the Council of the Bihar and Orissa Research Society held at the Society’s office on 8th April 1918 at 4-30 p.m 242-245 unknown Download PDF (154 KB)
Backmatter i-ii unknown Download PDF (71 KB)
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