Publication Title Journal of the Bihar Research Society
Document Title Volume IV, Issue III, 1918
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Published by the Bihar and Orissa Research Society
Publisher Region Patna
Publication Date 1918
Subject Anthropology and Archaeology
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i-iv unknown Download PDF (323 KB)
Leading Articles
I.—The Head-dress of Banjara Women 247-i W. Crooke Download PDF (578 KB)
II.—Revised Notes on the Brahmin Empire 257-265 K. P. Jayaswal Download PDF (354 KB)
III.—Importance of the Janibigha Inscription of the year 83 of the Lakshmana-Sena era 266-272 K. P. Jayaswal Download PDF (298 KB)
IV.—The Janibigha Inscription 273-i H. Panday Download PDF (1.03 MB)
V.—Daud Khan Quraishi, Governor of Bihar and Founder of the Town of Daudnagar 281-297 Zamiruddin Ahmad Download PDF (691 KB)
VI.—The Rock Paintings of Singanpur 298-xvi C. W. Anderson Download PDF (3.50 MB)
VII.—Death and Funeral Customs of the Birhors 307-321 Sarat Roy Download PDF (637 KB)
VIII.—Ho Folk-lore (III) 322-343 B. Haldar Download PDF (1,011 KB)
Miscellaneous Contributions
I.—Dates of Skanda-Gupta and His Successor 344-350 H. Panday Download PDF (311 KB)
II.—Further Note on the Use of the Swallow-worts in the Rituals of the Hindus 351-356 Sarat Mitra Download PDF (218 KB)
III.—The Bogra Inscription 357-357 unknown Download PDF (39 KB)
Notes of the Quarter
I.—Proceedings of the Council Meeting of the Bihar and Orissa, Research Society, held on 27th July 1918 at 4 p.m. at the Society’s Office 358-360 unknown Download PDF (113 KB)
Backmatter i-ii unknown Download PDF (58 KB)
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