Publication Title Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute
Document Title Volume XXIII, Issue I, 1917
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Dr. R.N. Dandekar
Publisher Region Poona
Publication Date 1917
Subject History
Title Pages Author / Editor
Preface i-xiv K.V. Abhyankar Download PDF (669 KB)
Manasara Vastusastra, the Basic Text on Architecture and Sculpture 1-18 P.K. Acharya Download PDF (977 KB)
II. Mahabharata Notes 19-22 Vasudeva Agrawala Download PDF (376 KB)
The Dindima Poets of Mullandram and the Kings of Vijayanagar 23-29 A. N. Aiyangar Download PDF (325 KB)
Govindaraja 30-54 K.V. Aiyangar Download PDF (1.24 MB)
Rta in the Rgveda 55-60 V.M. Apte Download PDF (256 KB)
Sankha-Likhita Brahmacariya 61-66 P.V. Bapat Download PDF (315 KB)
The Last Message of Vallabhacarya 67-70 G.H. Bhatt Download PDF (176 KB)
The Place of Taj in World Architecture 71-76 M.A. Chaghtai Download PDF (311 KB)
On Panini’s Sutra VII-i-90—Wrong Wording or Corrupt Reading 77-79 S.P. Chaturvedi Download PDF (140 KB)
India and the Pali Text Society 80-83 C.P.F. Davids Download PDF (205 KB)
On the Probable Date of Sabara-Svamin 84-97 G.V. Devasthali Download PDF (700 KB)
Caudharapada ( Lonad ) Inscription of Kesideva; Saka 1162 98-102 Moreshwar Dikshit Download PDF (251 KB)
A Note on Ganarajya 103-106 V.R. Dikshitar Download PDF (206 KB)
Origin of the Bhagavata and Jaina Religions 107-125 P.C. Divanji Download PDF (1,004 KB)
Some Curious Middle Indic Aorists 126-126 Franklin Edgeuton Download PDF (56 KB)
Sukara-Maddava and the Buddha’s Death 127-133 Fa Chow Download PDF (324 KB)
Indra the Representative of the Highest Physical Aspect of Nature 134-142 V.A. Gadgil Download PDF (484 KB)
Manusmrti and Sagotra Marriages 143-145 K.B. Gajendragadkar Download PDF (141 KB)
Nilakantha Caturdhara, the Commentator of the MahabhaRata—his Genealogy and Descendants 146-161 P.K. Gode Download PDF (606 KB)
Malatlmadhava-Laghuvivarana by Pandit Dharananda : his Date and Other Works Written by him 162-170 N.A. Gore Download PDF (415 KB)
On the Search for Manuscripts in the Deccan 171-176 R.G. Harshe Download PDF (312 KB)
The Philosophy of Flux 177-186 Betty Heimann Download PDF (393 KB)
Three Headed Animals in Mohenjo Daro 187-195 J. Heras Download PDF (1.03 MB)
The Home of the Satavahanas 196-205 S.A. Joglekar Download PDF (514 KB)
The Meaning of'Acaryah' 206-213 P.V. Kane Download PDF (437 KB)
Some Nude Gods in Hindu Pantheon 214-223 A.P. Karmarkar Download PDF (467 KB)
Bhupalavallabha: the Work, its Author and Date 224-241 Sadashiva Katre Download PDF (874 KB)
On Some Words For ' Child ' in Indo-Aryan 242-249 S.M. Katre Download PDF (421 KB)
The Origin of Narayana 250-256 Liladhar Keny Download PDF (339 KB)
A Note on the Family Eecords of the Peshwa’s Agents at Delhi 257-261 G.H. Khare Download PDF (235 KB)
Iconography of Oandra and Candrasekhara Images 262-270 M.R. Majumder Download PDF (1.09 MB)
Manvantara-Caturyuga Method 271-i D.R. Mankad Download PDF (1.06 MB)
Gangevadeva of Tirabhukti 291-301 V.V. Mirashi Download PDF (589 KB)
The Vedic Doctrine of the Worlds Above 302-313 H.G. Narahari Download PDF (636 KB)
The Nanana Grant Ofcaulukya King Kumara Paladeva or Gujarat Dated Vikrama Samvat 1212 314-318 Gaurishankar Ojha Download PDF (500 KB)
The Vilivayakuras and Sivalakura of the Kolhapur Coins 319-329 M. Pal Download PDF (545 KB)
A Note on the Meaning and Use of the Word Johar 330-335 A.G. Pawar Download PDF (293 KB)
Sex-Life in Ancient India.—Some Thoughts 336-341 K.R. Plsharoti Download PDF (316 KB)
Sukhaprakasa—his Identity and Works 342-351 E.P. Radhakrishnan Download PDF (431 KB)
Anubhutisvarupacarya—Author of the Prakatarthavivarana, 1st Asiddhi Vivarana Etc 352-368 V. Raghavan Download PDF (773 KB)
The Hero in the Malavikagnimitra 369-378 C. Raja Download PDF (445 KB)
The Philosophy of Madhva Dvaita Vedanta 379-385 Nagraj Rao Download PDF (352 KB)
Historical Notices of the Lokayatas 386-397 B.A. Saletore Download PDF (618 KB)
The Sutras of Badarayana 398-404 B.N. Sarma Download PDF (359 KB)
Gleanings from the Commentaries on the Vakyapadlya 405-412 K.M. Sarma Download PDF (350 KB)
Commentators of the Ramayana in the Fifteenth, Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries 413-414 P.P.S. Sastri Download PDF (89 KB)
Some Forgotten Sanskrit Poets of Karnataka 415-423 S. Sastri Download PDF (365 KB)
Word and Sense 424-430 S.S. Sastri Download PDF (351 KB)
Dr. St. John on India 431-450 S.N. Sen Download PDF (879 KB)
Certain Vedic, Avestan and Greek Traditions and the Age of the Rigveda 451-464 H.C. Seth Download PDF (749 KB)
Two Gospels 465-479 H.A. Saha Download PDF (824 KB)
Indra and Ahalya 480-481 R. Sastry Download PDF (89 KB)
Narhad Inscription of Vigraharaja IV, V. 1218 482-482 Dasharatha Sharma Download PDF (46 KB)
The Imperial Mystics of Delhi 483-493 S.R. Sharma Download PDF (485 KB)
The Extent of Maharastra as Found in the Aihole Inscription 494-509 S.R. Shende Download PDF (676 KB)
A Note on the Goa Copper-Plate Inscription of King Candravarman 510-514 Dines Sircar Download PDF (216 KB)
Studies in the Growth of Modern Tamil 515-527 C.S. Srinivasachari Download PDF (677 KB)
The Harmonising of Law with the Requirements of Economic Conditions According to the Ancient Indian Dharmasastras, Arthasastras and Grhyasutras1 528-548 Ludwik Sternbach Download PDF (1.09 MB)
Epic Questions 549-558 V.S. Sukthankar Download PDF (500 KB)
Devi-Bhagavata or Bhagavati-Purana 559-562 S.N. Tadpatrikar Download PDF (195 KB)
Apabhramsa and the Abhlras 563-567 G.V. Tagare Download PDF (201 KB)
Xvaetva-Daqa in Avesta 568-581 J. S. Taraporewala Download PDF (729 KB)
The Sheet Anchor of Indian History 582-591 D. S. Triveda Download PDF (578 KB)
Harisena’s Dharmaparlksa in Apabhramsa 592-608 A.N. Upadhye Download PDF (876 KB)
The Palace Of Hiranyakasipu 609-620 M.V. Vaidya Download PDF (539 KB)
Some Contributions of S.Lvars to the Philosophy of Bhakti 621-632 K.C. Varadachari Download PDF (578 KB)
The Position of a Preposition in the Language of the Brahmanas 633-656 Siddheshwar Varma Download PDF (1.02 MB)
Divodasa Atithigva and the Other Atithigvas 657-668 H.D. Velankar Download PDF (640 KB)
The Psychology of the Rasa-Theory 669-677 K.N. Watave Download PDF (445 KB)
Woman in the Sculpture of the Deccan, An Artistic Study 678-686 G. Yazdani Download PDF (2.01 MB)
Backmatter i-ii unknown Download PDF (436 KB)
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