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Title Records of Indian Museum
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Publisher Name Director, Zoological Survey of India
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The Indian Museum, which was founded in Calcutta in 1814, had two important serial publications. One of these was the Records of the Indian Museum, published as ‘A Journal of Indian Zoology’, while the other was the Memoirs of the Indian Museum. Both were started in 1907. Records began to be published as a quarterly journal on zoology and the branches of anthropology, containing mostly short research papers. The journal was published by the trustees of the Museum at the Baptist Mission Press. Later on, however, it was published under the authority of the Director of the Zoological Survey of India. The journal also published short notes, annotated catalogs, and relevant and rare illustrative materials including plates, figures, diagrams and charts.

The Records of the Indian Museum included mostly European contributors during the colonial era. Some of the contributors were R.E. Lloyd, P. Speiser, E. Brunetti, N. Annandale, C.T. Regan, H. Maxwell-Lefroy, A. Alcock, S. Hirst, F.H. Gravely, H.B. Preston, Fritz van Emden, R.B.S. Sewell, and J. Stephenson. Indian scholars included B.L. Chaudhuri, Sunder Lal Hora and K.S. Misra. The predominance of European contributors seemed to have ended only with the end of colonial rule as more Indian contributions were accepted. The research devoted attention to a wide variety of fauna, including insects, spiders, fishes, crabs, lizards, reptiles, sea and fresh water sponges, and molluscs. The papers also brought to light many new species and their descriptions. The specimens of research were collected from various areas across the country or even outside it – Calcutta, Orissa, Tirhut, the Andaman Islands, Ceylon, Burma, other oriental regions, and Australasia.

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