Publication Title Allahabad University Studies
Document Title Volume III, Issue 3, 1927
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publication Date 1927
Subject Education
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i-vi The Vice Chancellor and the Heads of Departments Download PDF (362 KB)
Cytoplasmic Organs in the Germ Cells and Somatic Cells of Tubifex 1-viii H.R. Mesra Download PDF (2.97 MB)
Studies in Adsorption, Part XIII 57-64 Moolraj Mehrotra Download PDF (288 KB)
Phenomenon of After-Effect in Certain Photochemical Reactions 65-76 B.K. Mukerji Download PDF (421 KB)
Studies on the Oxides of Nickel 77-84 K.P. Chatterjee Download PDF (341 KB)
Some Observations on the Phenomenon of Coagulation and Adsorption 85-100 Satyeshwar Ghosh Download PDF (773 KB)
Electrolyte Antagonism with Inorganic Suspensions and the Equilibrium Between Sodium and Calcium Ions in Biological Systems 101-118 Kshitish Sen Download PDF (1.43 MB)
On the Temperature Radiation of Gases 119-130 Megh Saha Download PDF (417 KB)
On The Choice of Striking Point in the Pianoforte String 131-158 R.N. Ghosh Download PDF (1.35 MB)
The Criterion 159-186 P.S. Burrell Download PDF (1.09 MB)
The Sensible Appearance of Movement 187-206 H.N. Randle Download PDF (904 KB)
The Realist’s Conception of Idealism 207-244 Anukul Mukerji Download PDF (1.77 MB)
On Green’s “Spiritual Principle.” 245-254 N.C. Mukerji Download PDF (464 KB)
Parasitism in India: Its Cost & Cure 255-264 Brij Bhatnagar Download PDF (474 KB)
Development of Persian Literature During the Time of Akbar 265-290 M. Zia-I-Ahmad Download PDF (933 KB)
A Note on the Mss. of Sursagar 291-304 Dhirendra Varma Download PDF (585 KB)
Appendices 305-307 The Vice Chancellor and the Heads of Departments Download PDF (122 KB)
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