Publication Title Modern Review
Document Title Volume XXII, Issue 1, 1917
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Nibaran Chandra Das
Publication Date July - 1917
Subject Government, Politics and Public Policy
Title Pages Author / Editor
Index i-viii Ramananda Chatterjee Download PDF (803 KB)
The Nation 1-4 Rabindranath Tagore Download PDF (402 KB)
Letters 4-9 unknown Download PDF (517 KB)
A Shattered Dream 9-15 Rabindranath Tagore Download PDF (692 KB)
The American Woman 15-29 Sudhindra Bose Download PDF (2.06 MB)
Krishnakanta’s Will 29-34 Bankim Chatterjee Download PDF (628 KB)
Gleanings 34-37 unknown Download PDF (803 KB)
Wheels within Wheels 37-45 Frank Evans Download PDF (788 KB)
Reviews and Notices of Books 46-56 unknown Download PDF (1.19 MB)
Post Graduate Teaching at Calcutta 56-57 Jadunath Sarkar Download PDF (194 KB)
Theories of the Evulution of Kingship Among the Indo-Aryans 58-66 Narendra Law Download PDF (769 KB)
Cross Currets in Modern Life and Literature 66-70 Ajitkumar Chakravarty Download PDF (450 KB)
Indian Periodicals 70-72 unknown Download PDF (265 KB)
Foreign Periodicals 72-75 unknown Download PDF (405 KB)
Mouth Hygiene 75-76 Rafidin Ahmed Download PDF (179 KB)
Trade and Technique 77-77 A.P. Ghosh Download PDF (99 KB)
A Short History of Tin 78-80 W. Chowdhry Download PDF (281 KB)
Notes 80-110 unknown Download PDF (3.15 MB)
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