Publication Title Modern Review
Document Title Volume XLVIII, Issue 3, 1930
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Nibaran Chandra Das
Publication Date September - 1930
Subject Government, Politics and Public Policy
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i-i Ramananda Chatterjee Download PDF (371 KB)
War and Revolution in China 245-249 Agnes Smedley Download PDF (520 KB)
The Distribution of the Nagara Type of Temples 249-254 R.D. Banerji Download PDF (1,016 KB)
The Power of Swadeshi 255-256 Hilda Wood Download PDF (199 KB)
The Hellenistic Aggression Against India (4th—2nd Century B.C.) 257-260 Upendra Ghoshal Download PDF (380 KB)
Industrial Efficiency and the Policy of National Economy 261-266 Rajanikanta Das Download PDF (629 KB)
Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar as an Unofficial Adviser of the Government 267-271 Brajendra Banerji Download PDF (655 KB)
Iron Smelting in Mysore 272-276 B. Subrahmanyam Download PDF (710 KB)
The Eternal Problem 276-279 Nagendranath Gupta Download PDF (398 KB)
Reviews & Notices of Books 280-285 unknown Download PDF (734 KB)
Orissa States and British Policy 286-292 P.C. Lahiri Download PDF (783 KB)
Economics of Rural Bengal 292-294 H. Sinha Download PDF (382 KB)
The Martial Races of India 295-307 Nirad Chaudhuri Download PDF (1.29 MB)
Great Britain’s Social Services 307-309 Wilfred Wellock Download PDF (310 KB)
American Imperialism in the Caribbeans 310-315 Malcolm Douglass Download PDF (724 KB)
Indian Womanhood 316-316 unknown Download PDF (184 KB)
How Sir Binod Mitter was Superseded 317-320 unknown Download PDF (213 KB)
Financial Notes 321-324 unknown Download PDF (383 KB)
Indian Periodicals 325-330 unknown Download PDF (754 KB)
Foreign Periodicals 331-336 unknown Download PDF (736 KB)
Indians Abroad 337-339 Benarsi Chaturvedi Download PDF (375 KB)
Notes 340-364 unknown Download PDF (2.82 MB)
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