Publication Title Modern Review
Document Title Volume LX, Issue 6, 1936
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Nibaran Chandra Das
Publication Date December - 1936
Subject Government, Politics and Public Policy
Title Pages Author / Editor
Social Insurance in India 609-618 Rajani Das Download PDF (1.08 MB)
Dictators or Democracy? 619-622 D. Pole Download PDF (452 KB)
Crime Against Women 623-626 Sucheta Devi Download PDF (454 KB)
The Infinite Nearness And Reality of God Voiced of Picots, Prophets and Seers 626-629 J.T. Sunderland Download PDF (391 KB)
Japan’s Dream of World Empire 629-632 Alfred E. Pieres Download PDF (488 KB)
The jantar mantar a I Descriptive and Historical Sketch 633-636 K.C. Philip Download PDF (638 KB)
The International P.E.N. Congress of Buenos Aires 637-643 Kalidas Nag Download PDF (1.02 MB)
Is The League of Nations a Failure All Round? 643-644 unknown Download PDF (235 KB)
The Wayfaring Woman 645-649 Rabindranath Tagore Download PDF (502 KB)
The Evolution of Modern Institutions In Mysore: II 650-655 Nihal Singh Download PDF (642 KB)
West and East? 655-657 Amiya Chakravarty Download PDF (338 KB)
Travellers in the Night 658-663 Sita Devi Download PDF (647 KB)
Propaganda 663-665 A.G. Download PDF (345 KB)
Franco-German Antagonism 666-673 Mahmud Husain Download PDF (896 KB)
India in New York’s World Fair 673-673 William Allen Download PDF (119 KB)
Book Reviews 674-680 unknown Download PDF (613 KB)
“Indian Medicinal Plants” 680-680 S.R. Bose Download PDF (134 KB)
The Menace of Hindu Mass Movements into Christianity 681-683 Manilal Parekh Download PDF (366 KB)
To Vote for the Congress is to Help Ourselves 684-684 Pramila Oke Download PDF (106 KB)
Indian Periodicals 685-690 unknown Download PDF (669 KB)
Foreign Periodicals 691-696 unknown Download PDF (1.01 MB)
The Religion of the Indus Valley People 697-703 A.D. Pusalker Download PDF (902 KB)
The Berar Agreement 703-704 J.M. Ganguli Download PDF (214 KB)
Notes 705-728 unknown Download PDF (2.63 MB)
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