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Indian Culture: Journal of the Indian Research Institute was first published in 1934 and was edited by Devdatta Ramakrishna Bhandarkar, Beni Madhab Barua and Bimala Churn Law. The journal was a quarterly with an inland subscription price of 6 rupees and a foreign subscription price of 10 shillings. The journal dealt with topics relating to Indian history, geography, art, archaeology, iconography, epigraphy, numismatics, religion, literature, philosophy, ethnology, anthropology and folklore from the earliest times to the medieval period.

The journal was available outside India through Luzac and Co., London and Otto Harassowitz, Germany. In time, individual journal issues were sold to interested readers for 2 rupees in India and 3 shillings abroad. Rates of advertisement, which was 12 rupees for a full page and 8 rupees for a half-page for an issue in January 1940, had gone up to 25 rupees for a full page and 16 rupees for a half-page in July 1949.

The articles published in the journal received high praise from officials and societies of research. The Director of the Archaeological Department, Hyderabad, Deccan, stated in July 1936: ‘I congratulate you heartily on the excellence of the articles published in the first number …’. The Journal of the Andhra Historical Research Society (Vol. IX, Part I, July 1934) had noted: ‘This very admirable periodical will be welcomed all over the country by all those who are devoted to the promotion of research into the ancient history of India and her great culture’.

Published articles included ‘The Sufi Movement in India’ and ‘The Theology and Philosophy of Bengal Vaisnavism’ (January 1938), ‘The Cultural Significance of Advaita Philosophy’ (July 1939), ‘The Date of the Paharpur Temple’ (July–September 1940), ‘The Tapestry of Ancient Indian History’ (July–September 1941),’Sovereignty in Early Muslim India’ (January–March 1944), ‘The Feudal System of Rajputana’, ‘The Role of Buddhism in Indian Life and Thought’ and ‘The State and Brahmanism in the Post Harsha Period’ (October–December 1946), and ‘A History of Mewar From the Earliest Times to 1303 AD’ (April–June 1947).

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