Publication Title The Tropical Agriculturist
Document Title Volume LXXXVIII, Issue 1, 1937
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Department of Agriculture
Publisher Region Peradeniya
Publication Date January - 1937
Subject Agriculture and Environment
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i-vi unknown Download PDF (282 KB)
Editorial, Agricultural Implements 1-2 unknown Download PDF (72 KB)
Agricultural Implements-III 3-5 unknown Download PDF (112 KB)
The Production of Cashew Nuts in Mannar 6-11 W.C.R Paul Download PDF (343 KB)
Studies on Ceylon Soils 12-25 A.W.R. Joachim Download PDF (615 KB)
Notes on Orchids Cultivated in Ceylon 26-27 K.L. Sylva Download PDF (411 KB)
Departmental Notes
Cultivation of Cloves in Kandy District 28-30 W. Molegode Download PDF (138 KB)
Selected Articles
The Performance of Imported Clones in Ceylon- i 31-36 unknown Download PDF (281 KB)
The Rational Manuring of Colonial Plantations 37-42 unknown Download PDF (349 KB)
Fruit Fly-Ceratitis Capitatay Baiting, Trapping and Luring Experiments 43-47 unknown Download PDF (437 KB)
Some Observations on the Methods of Making Clarified Butter (Ghee) with some notes on a new Method 48-57 unknown Download PDF (571 KB)
Correspondence 58-58 unknown Download PDF (38 KB)
Tea Research Institute of Ceylon 59-61 Roland Norris Download PDF (121 KB)
Rubber Research Scheme (Ceylon) 62-63 unknown Download PDF (112 KB)
Review 64-66 unknown Download PDF (147 KB)
Animal Disease Return for the Month Ended December, 1936 67-67 A.P. Kandasamy Download PDF (50 KB)
Meteorological Report—December, 1936 68-68 H. Jameson Download PDF (81 KB)
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