The Agricultural Journal of India, Special Indian Science Congress Number
Document Title The Agricultural Journal of India, Special Indian Science Congress Number
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publication Date 1919
Subject Agriculture and Environment
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i - x The Agricultural Adviser to the Government of India Download PDF (989 KB)
Economic Factors of Agricultural Progress 373 - 376 G.F. Keatinge Download PDF (235 KB)
Drainage and Crop Production in India 377 - 387 Albert Howard & Gabrielle L. Howard Download PDF (1.36 MB)
Notes on the “Ring Disease” of Potato 388 - 394 Harold H. Mann & S.D. Nagpurkar Download PDF (333 KB)
Rate of Nitrification of Different Green Manures and Parts of Green Manures and the Influence of Crop Residues on Nitrification 395 - 413 N.V. Joshi Download PDF (1.20 MB)
The Biological Determination of the Relative Availability of Different Nitrogneous Organic Manures in Black Cotton Soil 414 - 421 F.J. Plymen & D.V. Bal Download PDF (369 KB)
A Study of the Conditions Under Which Water of Tidal Saline Creeks is Utilized for Crop Production in Konkan 422 - 430 V.G. Gokhale Download PDF (454 KB)
A Preliminary Note on Some New Factors Affecting the Hardness of Gur or Crude Sugar 431 - 439 T.S. Swadi Download PDF (348 KB)
Studies in the Chemistry of Sugarcane 440 - 475 B. Viswanath Download PDF (1.41 MB)
The Effect of Salinity on the Growth and Composition of Sugarcane Varieties 476 - 493 K. Row Download PDF (2.27 MB)
Probable Material for the Study of the Experimental Evolution of Oryza Sativa, Var. Plena, Prain 494 - 499 R.K. Bhide Download PDF (699 KB)
Some Foreign Insect Pests Which We Do Not Want in India 500 - 511 T.V. Ayyar Download PDF (1.29 MB)
Backmatter i - ii unknown Download PDF (126 KB)
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