Document Title Journal of the Indian Chemical Society, September - October, 1932
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Indian Chemical Society
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date September 1932
Subject Science, Technology and Medicine
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i - vi J.C. Ghosh & A.C. Sircar Download PDF (246 KB)
The Oxidation of Sulphur Dioxide in the Electrodeless Discharge 417 - 422 Sampuran Mahant Download PDF (260 KB)
Dyes Derived from Acenaphthenequinone Part III Azines and Indigoid Vat Dyes 423 - 428 Sisir Guha Download PDF (257 KB)
Actinodaphnine an Alkaloid from Actinodaphne Hookeri Meissn 429 - 434 S. Krishna & T.P. Ghose Download PDF (237 KB)
The Directive Effect of Substituents on the Cyclisation of Substituted s-Diarylthiocarbamides. Part I.The Effect of Fluoro, Iodo, and Cyano Substituents on the Formation of Anilinobenzthiazole Derivatives from Mono-p-substituted Thiocarbanilides and Bromine 435 - 440 Robert Hunter Download PDF (230 KB)
Preparation and Properties of Highly Concentrated Sols. Part II. Sols of Vanadium Pentoxide, Silicic Acid and Molybdic Acid 441 - 454 C. Ahobalacharya & N.R. Dhar Download PDF (489 KB)
Preparation and Properties of Highly Concentrated Sols. Part III. Sols of Zirconium Hydroxide 455 - 462 R.D. Sharma & N.R. Dhar Download PDF (249 KB)
Relation between Charge and Stability of Colloidal Solutions of Gold and Ferric Hydroxide Dialysed to Different Extents 463 - 470 B.N. Desai, G.M. Nabar & P.M. Barve Download PDF (300 KB)
A Study of the Interaction between Thionyl Chloride and Substances Containing the Reactive Methylene(- CH2 -) Group. Part IV 471 - 478 K.G. Naik & V.B. Thosar Download PDF (302 KB)
Azlactone from 6-Aldehydocoumarin and its Condensation with some Aromatic Amines 479 - 482 Sanat Banerjee Download PDF (125 KB)
Condensation of Chloral with 2-Hydroxy-p-toluic Acid and its Methyl Ether 483 - 492 A.N. Meldrum & B.M. Kapadia Download PDF (409 KB)
Synthesis of 1:2:7-Trihydroxy-5-methylanthrone-8-carboxylic Acid 493 - 498 Prafulla Paul Download PDF (241 KB)
Peroxidases, Part II. The Influence of the Concentration of Substrate (Hydroquinone), of Hydrogen Peroxide, PH and other Factors on the Activity of the Peroxidase of Chow Chow (Sechium Edule) 499 - 508 Biman Dey & Mayavaram Sitharaman Download PDF (337 KB)
The Kinetics of the Action of Ammonium Halides on Epichlorhydrin 509 - 518 Sobhanlal Banerjee & Hemendra Sen Download PDF (439 KB)
Reviews 519 - 519 unknown Download PDF (41 KB)
Backmatter i - iv unknown Download PDF (230 KB)
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