Publication Title Journal of the Indian Chemical Society
Document Title Volume XI, Issue 6, 1934
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Indian Chemical Society
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date June - 1934
Subject Science, Technology and Medicine
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i-iv J.C. Ghosh Download PDF (287 KB)
The Chemistry of Jute-lignin. Part III. Action of Nitric Acid on Lignin 407-410 Pulin Sarkar Download PDF (157 KB)
Condensation of Pyruvie Acid with Aldehydes 411-418 Bijendra Sen Download PDF (299 KB)
Note on the Formation of a Ruby-red Jelly of Zirconium Sulphosalicylic Acid 419-420 Satya Prakash Download PDF (80 KB)
Two New Methods of Synthesis of Norpinic Acid 421-426 K.N. Gaind Download PDF (203 KB)
Quinoline Derivatives. Part II. Pyrazolinoquinolines 427-432 Kartar Narang Download PDF (221 KB)
Rotatory Powers of Some Disubstituted amphoranilic Acids 433-438 Mahan Singh Download PDF (201 KB)
Adsorption of Acids by Animal Charcoal 439-440 Saul Caspe Download PDF (60 KB)
The Photosynthesis of Nicotine 441-442 H.E. Watson Download PDF (87 KB)
Limit of the Variation of the Relation between Intensity and Velocity of Photochemical Reactions 443-448 W.V. Bhagwat Download PDF (230 KB)
On Magnetic Birefringence in Mercurisulphosalicylic Acid Sols 449-454 Satya Prakash Download PDF (219 KB)
Studies in Tetraphenylmethane Dyes. Part II. 455-462 Rajendra Sen Download PDF (283 KB)
Benzthiazoloneyl Quinazolines 463-466 Prafulla Bose Download PDF (133 KB)
Derivatives of m-Cresotic Acid 467-470 Narshing Shah Download PDF (135 KB)
Induced and Photochemical Oxidation of Sodium Tartrate by Air and its Use in Diabetes and Prolonged Fasting 471-478 C.C. Palit Download PDF (293 KB)
Preparation of sym-Acylarylureas 479-484 Nirmalananda Palit Download PDF (220 KB)
Oxidation of Sulphydril Bodies by Hydrogen Peroxide at Room Temperatures in Presence of Inorganic Catalysts. Part I. The Oxidation of Cystine and Dithioglycollic Acid in Presence of Tungstic Acid and Molybdic Acid Sols 485-498 J.C. Ghosh Download PDF (451 KB)
Parachor and Ring Structure. Part I 499-502 Susil Ray Download PDF (124 KB)
Obituary 503-506 J.N.M. Download PDF (186 KB)
Backmatter i-viii unknown Download PDF (468 KB)
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