Document Title Journal of the Indian Chemical Society, July, 1934
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Indian Chemical Society
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date July 1934
Subject Science, Technology and Medicine
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i - iv J.C. Ghosh & A.C. Sircar Download PDF (297 KB)
The Concept of Critical Increment and Radiation Hypothesis 507 - 510 W.V. Bhagwat Download PDF (126 KB)
A Note on the Benzoin-Benzil Change 511 - 512 K. Pandalai Download PDF (101 KB)
Behaviour of Cobaltous Oxide on Heating 513 - 516 Mata Prasad, S.M. Mehta & T.S. Suratkar Download PDF (164 KB)
Complex Compounds of Iridium. Part III. Compounds with Ammonia and Ethylamine 517 - 520 Prafulla Ray & Nadiabehari Adhikari Download PDF (164 KB)
Azotriphenylmethane and Azopyronine Dyes 521 - 528 Rajendra Sen & Sachindra Roy Download PDF (337 KB)
Condensation of Chloral and Bromal Hydrates with Amides 529 - 534 Andrew Meldrum & Gajanan Deodhar Download PDF (162 KB)
Derivatives of Hydroxybenzoic Acids 535 - 540 N. Hurry & A.N. Meldrum Download PDF (258 KB)
Antimony and Mercury Compounds of Quinoline and isoQuinoline 541 - 544 Rajendra Sen & Gopal Mukherjee Download PDF (161 KB)
Chloralides from a-Hydroxycarboxylic Acids and their Reduction Products 545 - 550 Narshinh Shah & Rupchand Alimchandani Download PDF (240 KB)
Derivatives of Salicylic Acid. Part VIII. Interaction of Thionyl Chloride with Esters of Hydroxy Aromatic Acids in Presence of Finely Divided Copper. Part III. Synthesis and Constitution of 3 :3'-Carbomethoxy-4 :4'-hydroxy- 5 :5'-methyldiphenyl Sulphide and its 6:6'-Methyl Analogue 551 - 554 N.W. Hirve, G.V. Jadhav & Y. Chakradeo Download PDF (207 KB)
Studies in the Coagulation of Colloids. Part VIII. The Viscosity Changes in Colloid Arsenious Sulphide when Coagulated by Binary Mixtures of Potassium Halides in the Slow Region 555 - 572 Shridhar Joshi & T.R. Iyengar Download PDF (621 KB)
Studies in the Coagulation of Colloids Part IX. The Effect of Stirring on the Time Variation of Viscosity of Colloid Arsenic and Antimony Sulphides when Coagulated by Simple Electrolytes in the Slow Region 573 - 578 Shridhar Joshi & T.R. Iyengar Download PDF (223 KB)
Backmatter i - viii unknown Download PDF (398 KB)
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