Document Title Journal of the Indian Chemical Society, September, 1934
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Indian Chemical Society
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date September 1934
Subject Science, Technology and Medicine
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i - iv J. C. Ghosh & A. C. Sircar Download PDF (454 KB)
An Improved Check Valve for Vacuum Pumps 659 - 660 G. Narasimhamurthy Download PDF (91 KB)
Glutathione as an Inductor in the Oxidation of Glucose 661 - 670 C. C. Palit & N. B. Dhar Download PDF (336 KB)
Determination of Parachor in Solution. Part I 671 - 680 Sushil Ray Download PDF (256 KB)
Resolution of Co-ordinated Inorganic Compounds into Optical Isomers. Part II. Resolution of Triethylenediaminozinc Chloride and Sulphate 681 - 686 Panchanan Neogi & Gopal Mukherjee Download PDF (244 KB)
4-Bromomethylooumarins. Synthesis from Phenols and y-Bromoacetoacetic Ester 687 - 690 B. B. Dey & Y. Sankaranayanan Download PDF (116 KB)
The Chemistry of Jute-lignin. Part IV. Dioxymethylene Group in Lignin 691 - 700 Pulin Sarkar Download PDF (444 KB)
Magnetic Study of Mixed Crystals of Sytem S—Se 701 - 706 S. S. Bhatnagar & Pyara Kapur Download PDF (203 KB)
Action of Amines on Quinolinic Acid 707 - 710 Ananda Das & Indu Sarker Download PDF (170 KB)
Actinodaphne Fat as a Parent Material for a New Detergent. A Note 711 - 712 S. V. Puntambekar & S. Krishna Download PDF (105 KB)
Synthesis of Benzopyrylium Compounds. Part I 713 - 714 M. Goswami & A. Chakravarty Download PDF (76 KB)
o-Aldehydocarboxylic Acids. Part I. A New General Method of Synthesising Phthalonic Acids. A Synthesis of u-Opianic Acid and a New Synthesis of m-Opianic Acid 715 - 719 Satyendra Chakravarti & Mahadevan Swaminathan Download PDF (241 KB)
Backmatter i - vii unknown Download PDF (541 KB)
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