Document Title Journal of the Indian Chemical Society, October, 1934
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Indian Chemical Society
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date October 1934
Subject Science, Technology and Medicine
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i - iv J. C. Ghosh & A. C. Sircar Download PDF (291 KB)
Some Indian Acorn Oils (Quercus incana, Roxb., Q. dilatata, Lindl., and Q. ilex, Linn.) 721 - 726 S.V. Puntambekar & S. Krishna Download PDF (215 KB)
Photosynthesis of Amino Acids 727 - 736 N. R. Dhar & S. K. Mukherji Download PDF (359 KB)
Varying Valency of Platinum with respect to Mereaptanio Radicals. Part VIII 737 - 742 Prafulla Ray & Nripendra Ghosh Download PDF (263 KB)
Geometrical Inversion in the Acids Derived from the Coumarins 743 - 750 Biman Dey, Rubugunday Rao & Tiruvenkata Seshadri Download PDF (280 KB)
Kinetics of Sucrose Inversion by Adiabatic Temperature Measurements 751 - 766 Shridhar Joshi & Gurudas Phansalker Download PDF (569 KB)
Magnetic Rotation of Some Salts of Higher Fatty Acids an Evidence in Favour of the Formation of Ionic Micelle 767 - 772 S. S. Bhatnagar & Pyara Kapur Download PDF (220 KB)
A Colorimetric Test for Compounds Containing CH, CH and CH Contiguous to Negative Groups: A Note 773 - 776 M. Goswami, A. Shaha & B. Mukerjee Download PDF (105 KB)
The Chemistry of Jute-lignin. Part. V: Chlorination of Lignin 777 - 785 Pulin Sarkar Download PDF (397 KB)
Backmatter i - viii unknown Download PDF (627 KB)
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