Document Title Journal of the Indian Chemical Society, December, 1935
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Indian Chemical Society
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date December 1935
Subject Science, Technology and Medicine
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i - iv J.C. Ghosh & A.C. Sircar Download PDF (237 KB)
Studies in the Camphor Series. Part II. Synthesis of Isoitrosothiocamphor and its Application as an Indicator in Acidimetry and Alkalimetry 751 - 755 Dines Sen Download PDF (229 KB)
Denitrification in Sunlight and its Retardation.Part II 756 - 763 N.R. Diiar & S.K. Mukherji Download PDF (370 KB)
Parachor and Ring Structure. Part II. The Spatial Configuration of Bridged-Ring Compounds 764 - 767 Susil Ray Download PDF (170 KB)
Studies on Optical Activity and, Chemical Constitution Optically Active Acids and Bases. Part II 768 - 770 Mahan Singh & Manohar Singh Download PDF (136 KB)
Condition of Iodic Acid and Iodates in Aqueous Solution 771 - 773 N.R. Dhar & R.N. Mitra Download PDF (107 KB)
Metallic Titanium in Organic Synthesis 774 - 780 Viswa Sharma & Sihhishiishan Dutt Download PDF (347 KB)
Parachor and Chemical Constitution. Part IV. The Structure of Aliphatic Diazo-Compounds 780 - 782 Susil Ray Download PDF (145 KB)
Mercury Acetamide as A Mercurating Agent. Part II Mercuration of Phenols 783 - 787 Kuverji Naik & Bansidsar Mehta Download PDF (217 KB)
Action of Acetic Anhydride on 2-Acetylresorcin. A New Method for the Synthesis of Y-Resorcylic Acid 788 - 790 Dattatraya Limaye & Govind Kelkar Download PDF (127 KB)
Synthesis of Coumarins from Phenols and ß-Ketonic Esters.Part V.Constitution of Chlororesorcin and Chlororesorcylaldehyde 791 - 797 Duhshaharan Ciiahravarti & Baidyanath Ghosh Download PDF (348 KB)
A Semi-Micro Method of Determining Total Nitrogen of Air-Dry Soils 797 - 798 Kali Pada Basu & Sacindra Sarkar Download PDF (98 KB)
The Ionic Susceptibilities of Rubidium from its Different Salts in the Solid and in the Dissolved State 799 - 807 S.S. Bhatnagar, M.B. Nevgi & Mohan Khanna Download PDF (327 KB)
Solubility of Benzoic and Salicylic Acids in Mixtures of Organic Solvents 808 - 812 P.G. Desai & A.M. Patel Download PDF (200 KB)
Note on the Constitution of Formic Acid and Formates 813 - 814 B.M. Halasyam Download PDF (89 KB)
Backmatter i - vi unknown Download PDF (285 KB)
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