Document Title Journal of the Indian Chemical Society, December, 1936
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Indian Chemical Society
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date December 1936
Subject Science, Technology and Medicine
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i - iv S.S. Joshi & A.C. Sircar Download PDF (103 KB)
Potentioinetric Studies in Oxidation-Reduction Reactions. Part I. Oxidation with Potassium Iodate 717 - 722 Balwant singh & Ijaz Ilahi Download PDF (199 KB)
Properties of Activated Sugar Charcoal Coated with Various Substances. Part I. Liberation of Acid and Alkali by the Action of Neutral Salts in Relation to the Surface Charge 723 - 734 Harendra Acharya Download PDF (443 KB)
Dihydroresorcinols. Part IV. The Condensation of Phenyldihydroresorcinol with Aromatic Aldehydes 735 - 739 R.D. Desai & M.A. Wali Download PDF (223 KB)
Studies in Vitamin C. Part II. The Vitamin C Contents of the Liver and Muscle of some Indian Fresh-water Fish 740 - 742 Mahendra Rudra Download PDF (141 KB)
Studies on Optical Activity and Chemical Constitution. Part III. Optically Active Acids and Bases 743 - 746 Mahan Singh & Manohar Singh Download PDF (165 KB)
A New :Method for the Separation of Lead from Copper and their Subsequent Estimations 747 - 750 K.M. Sil, G.C. Roy & P.N. Das Gupta Download PDF (161 KB)
Estimation of Small Quantities of Arsenic in Medicolegal Cases 751 - 754 D.N. Chatterji, K.R. Ganguly & M.Z. Faruqi Download PDF (167 KB)
Studies in the Coagulations of Colloids. Part XV New Aspects of Gold Sol Coagulation 755 - 759 Shridhar Joshi & N. Rao Download PDF (253 KB)
Backmatter i - viii unknown Download PDF (286 KB)
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