Publication Title Indian Historical Quarterly
Document Title Volume IX, Issue 4, 1933
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name J.C. Sarkhel
Publication Date December - 1933
Subject History
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i-xvi Narendra Nath Download PDF (1.14 MB)
Kalidasa in China 829-834 Louis Finot Download PDF (253 KB)
Vamana’s Theory of Riti and Guna 835-853 Prakash Lahiri Download PDF (1,014 KB)
Krsna and Jarasandha 854-865 Sadhasiva L. Katre Download PDF (585 KB)
The Rise of Najib-ud-daula 866-871 Jadunath Sarkar Download PDF (335 KB)
The Architecture of the Taj and its Architect 872-879 S.C. Mukherji Download PDF (413 KB)
The Puranic Traditions 880-885 N. Tripathi Download PDF (279 KB)
The Origin of the Malpaharias 886-897 Sasanka Sarkar Download PDF (572 KB)
Some Sanskrit Texts on Painting 898-911 V. Raghaban Download PDF (674 KB)
Two Types of Subjectivism in Monistic Vedanta 912-922 Mahkanlal Mukherji Download PDF (572 KB)
The Date of Karkacarya 923-929 G.B. Makodey Download PDF (333 KB)
Literary Reference to Samudragupta 930-933 R.C. Majumder Download PDF (180 KB)
An almost Contemporary Account of Mahmud’s Invasions of India 934-942 Ram Sharma Download PDF (433 KB)
Daspalla Copper-Plate Agreement i-947 Binayak Mishra Download PDF (441 KB)
King Narasimha of Gauda 948-950 Jogendra Ghosh Download PDF (160 KB)
Early Histofy of the Gahadavala Dynasty 951-956 Dhirendra Ganguly Download PDF (301 KB)
Epigraphic Notes 957-966 Dinesh Sirkar Download PDF (520 KB)
The Art of Pantomime in Kerala 967-968 C.S. Srinivasachari Download PDF (95 KB)
The Dasas of the Karnataka Country 969-972 S. Ray Download PDF (197 KB)
Hindu Theatre 973-977 D.R. Mankad Download PDF (236 KB)
Aryadeva 978-979 Vidhushekiiara Bhattacharya Download PDF (104 KB)
Sankaracarya and Dharmakirtti 979-980 Vidhushekiiara Bhattacharya Download PDF (92 KB)
Sankara’s Reference to a Buddhist Passage 981-981 Vidhushekiiara Bhattacharya Download PDF (57 KB)
A so-called Convention of the Hindu Drama 981-983 Manomohan Ghosh Download PDF (154 KB)
Varahamihira and Buzurjmehr 984-986 A.N. Upadhyay Download PDF (175 KB)
Syntactic Position of a Preposition in Ardhamigadhi 987-988 A.N. Upadhyay Download PDF (75 KB)
Vainyagupta Dvidasaditya 989-991 R.C. Majumder Download PDF (152 KB)
Hindu Theatre 991-994 V. Raghaban Download PDF (182 KB)
The Seventh All-India Oriental Conference 995-1003 P.C. Bagchi Download PDF (426 KB)
Ajnana by G. R. Malkani, R. Das, T. R. V. Murti. Calcutta Oriental Series, No. 2G. London: Luzac & Co. 1933 1004-1007 E.J. Thomas Download PDF (217 KB)
Purusa-Sukta or Rgvedic Hymn to The Superpersonal Self, Text with commentary in English, and Introducetion, No caste in true Hinduism. By Dvijadas Datta, M.A., A.R.A.C. (Comilla, Bengal (1933) 1007-1009 E.J. Thomas Download PDF (155 KB)
Die Idee Der Schopfung In Der Vedischen Literature 1009-1011 Bata Ghosh Download PDF (166 KB)
Bangala Pracin Putthir Vivaran (vol. III, Pt. .III). Compiled by Taraprasanna Bhattacharya with an introduction by Lhintaharan. Chakravarti, Kavy atirtha, M.A. Baingiya Si hitya Parisadm Calcutta 1933. P'p. vi + 178 1012-1012 N. Dutta Download PDF (59 KB)
Selections from The Peshwa Daftar 1012-1018 Surendra Sen Download PDF (377 KB)
History of Village Communities in Western India by A. S. Altekar. University of Bombay Economic Series No. V. Oxford University Press, 1929. Pp. iv+ xv+ 144 1018-1019 Aitihasika Download PDF (110 KB)
Madhyantavibhagasotrabhasyatika of Sthiramati 1019-1030 E. Obermillar Download PDF (604 KB)
Select Contents of Oriental Journals 1031-1039 unknown Download PDF (422 KB)
Backmatter i-ii unknown Download PDF (124 KB)
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