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Title The Friend of India and Statesman
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Statesman and Friend of India Office
Publisher Region Calcutta


The Friend of India was one of the oldest newspapers of India. The journal was started in the early nineteenth century as a weekly journal, and later incorporated The Indian Observer. Published by the Serampore Press every Thursday morning, The Friend of India became a popular journal with its wide coverage of Indian affairs and international news. In 1875 The Friend of India incorporated another newspaper, The Statesman, founded in the same year, was renamed The Friend of India, and Statesman and came to be published every Friday from ‘the Statesman and Friend of India Office’ in Calcutta. Later, it became a daily newspaper. The journal published articles, reports, notes, notices, statistics, advertisements, obituaries and correspondences.


The journal was marked by the diversity of its news coverage. Articles, reports and notes covered varied themes including politics, government, education, vernacular language, literature, missionaries, agrarian society, transport and communication, demography, caste, minerals and industry, law, the performing arts, international relations, and so forth. Published articles included ‘General Government of India’, ‘Famine in the Western Provinces’, ‘Steam Engine and Railroads’, ‘The Landed Aristocracy’, ‘Burmese Affairs’, ‘The Toleration of the British Government of India’, ‘Our Relations with Native Princes’, ‘The Brahmo Marriage’, and ‘The Drawbacks of Indian Official Life’.


Foreign news was organized in separate sections on the continents of Asia, Australasia, Europe and America. The journal also published reports of various societies and organizations as well as government committees and commissions such as the Bengal Auxiliary Missionary Society and the Coal and Mineral Committee. The journal reported on the Landholders’ Society, Zamindary Association, the Dhurma Subha, the Committee of Public Instruction and the Famine Commission.


The correspondences included mainly the letters to the editor on contemporary issues and published matters. The journal regularly published ‘The Calcutta Stock and Share List’. The journal also contained a useful ‘Supplementary’ that included ‘Telegrams’, ‘Summary of News’, ‘Money Market’, ‘Government Notifications’, ‘Domestic Occurrences’, and ‘Shipping Intelligence’.


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