Publication Title Prabasi
Document Title Volume II, Issue 6, 1939
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Sri Sajanikanta Das
Publication Date 1939
Subject Literature (and Fiction)
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i-715 Ramananda Chattopadhyay Download PDF (417 KB)
Proshnottor 715-716 Dwijendranath Thakur Download PDF (124 KB)
Nirmok 717-723 Banaful Download PDF (400 KB)
Mahamati Dwijendranath 724-736 Khitimohon Sen Download PDF (1.48 MB)
Nabajuger Kabbo 737-iv Rabindranath Thakur Download PDF (2.17 MB)
Kalindi 743-755 Tarashankar Bandyopadhyay Download PDF (1.06 MB)
Deen Chandidaser Aprakashito Padabali 756-761 Khagendranath Mitra Download PDF (305 KB)
Bholanath Daser Golpo 761-i unknown Download PDF (659 KB)
Prostabito Jomi-Hastantor Aien 767-770 Bimalchandra Singha Download PDF (282 KB)
Dwitiyo Pokkho 771-774 Pramathnath Bishi Download PDF (219 KB)
Alochona 775-776 unknown Download PDF (141 KB)
Bortoman Borshe Bigyane Nobel Prize 777-781 Gopalchandra Bhattacharya Download PDF (342 KB)
Swargo Hoiteo— 782-798 Tarapada Raha Download PDF (1,020 KB)
Pitrisatto 799-802 Sureshchandra Bandyopadhyay Download PDF (315 KB)
Shiber Nrittomurti 803-812 Ramesh Basu Download PDF (2.85 MB)
Dwijendranath Thakur 813-818 unknown Download PDF (991 KB)
Chithipatro 819-819 Dwijendranath Thakur Download PDF (70 KB)
Bibidho Prosongo 820-841 unknown Download PDF (1.58 MB)
Bicharak Kaliprasanna Singha 842-843 Brajendranath Bandyopadhyay Download PDF (241 KB)
Pachoshossho 844-845 unknown Download PDF (728 KB)
Turashker Abvudoy 846-851 Kedarnath Chattopadhyay Download PDF (1.21 MB)
Desh-Bidesher Katha 852-856 unknown Download PDF (1.09 MB)
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