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Title The Quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society
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The Mythic Society of Bangalore was founded with ‘the object of encouraging the study of the Sciences of Ethnology, History and Religions, and stimulating research in these and allied subjects’. The transactions of the Society came to be incorporated and published in a quarterly journal from 1909 – the Quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society, published in the months of October, January, April and July. The journal was given free to all members of the Society and was published for the Society at S.P.C.K. Press, Madras.


The Society held nine ordinary meetings and an annual meeting in each session, at which lectures were delivered and papers read. Selected papers from these presentations were later published in the journal. The journal published articles, notes, queries, letters to the editor and book reviews. The journal also published the rules of the Mythic Society as well as the composition of the Council of the Society every year. The articles dealt with mythical literature of ancient India, historical geography, archaeological remains, religious life, social systems and commerce. Published articles included: N.S. Subba Rao’s ‘Life in Ancient India at the Time of the Jataka Stories’; Rev. the Lord Bishop of Madras’ ‘The Light Thrown by the Sacrifices to the Village Deities in South India on the Original Idea of Sacrifice’; A.R. Slater’s ‘The Ruins of Vijayanagar’; S. Krishnaswami Aiyangar’s ‘The History and Commerce of the Indian Ocean’; M.T. Narasimhiengar’s ‘The Brahmanic Systems of Religion and Philosophy’; A.M. Tabard’s ‘Talkad, the Buried City’; and H. Krishna Sastri’s ‘The Hoysalas in and beyond Mysore’.


The ‘Occasional Notes’ section contained brief informative entries; for example, ‘Fire-walking Ceremony at the Dharmaraja Festival’, ‘A Shrine at Kodakal’, ‘A Tradition about Karikal-Chola’, ‘Trade and Races of Oman’, and ‘The Rock Caves of Badami’. The journal published brief reports on the meetings of the Society.

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