Islamic Culture, Jubilee Number, Part I (January, April, July, October 1951)
Document Title Islamic Culture, Jubilee Number, Part I (January, April, July, October 1951)
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Islamic Culture Board
Publisher Region Hyderabad-Deccan
Publication Date 1951
Subject Religion and Philosophy
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i - vii Ghulam Yazdani & Abdul Khan Download PDF (705 KB)
Editor’s Note i - ii unknown Download PDF (104 KB)
The Conception of the Unity of God in Islam and other Religions in the Light of Modern Science 1 - 17 Laurence Browne Download PDF (1.26 MB)
Desire under the Palm and the Fig-Tree a Comparative Study of Islam and Buddhism 18 - 26 John Archer Download PDF (637 KB)
Some Aspects of the Arabic Writings of the Philosopher Ibn Sina 27 - 42 Abdul Khan Download PDF (1,019 KB)
Reconciliation between Ibn ’Arabi’s Wahdat-I-Wujud and the Mujaddid’s Wahdat-I-Shuhud 43 - 51 Mir Valiuddin Download PDF (607 KB)
Three Little-Known Works of Dara Shukuh 52 - 72 Bikrama Hasrat Download PDF (1.36 MB)
Ambivalent Attitude to Womanhood in Islamic Society 73 - 88 Umar Ehrenfels & Syyed Nainar Download PDF (1.21 MB)
The Wafidiya in the Mamluk Kingdom 89 - 104 David Ayalon Download PDF (1.09 MB)
Jews and Judaism at the Court of the Moghul Emperors in Medieval India 105 - 132 W.J. Fischel Download PDF (1.96 MB)
Shah Wali-Ullah Dehlavi and Indian Politics in the 18Th Century 133 - 145 Khaliq Nizami Download PDF (798 KB)
An Account of Nadir Shah in an Eighteenth Century Arabic Ms 146 - 154 S.A. Khulusi Download PDF (658 KB)
Modern Turkey: Islamic Reformation ? 155 - 186 W.C. Smith Download PDF (2.24 MB)
The Place of Politics in the Philosophy of Ibn Bajja 187 - 211 Erwin Rosenthal Download PDF (2.01 MB)
The Unique Diwan of Humayun Badshah 212 - 276 Hadi Hasan Download PDF (2.87 MB)
New Books in Review 277 - 286 Abdur Khan Download PDF (779 KB)
University Microfilms i - i unknown Download PDF (38 KB)
Notice ii - iii unknown Download PDF (64 KB)
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