Publication Title The Vedanta Kesari
Document Title Volume XV, Issue 4, 1928
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Sri Ramakrishna Math
Publisher Region Mylapore
Publication Date August - 1928
Subject Religion and Philosophy
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i-12 Yatiswarananda Download PDF (1.10 MB)
Prayer 121-121 unknown Download PDF (47 KB)
Spiritual Talks of Swami Brahmananda 122-126 unknown Download PDF (221 KB)
In Defence of India 126-134 unknown Download PDF (470 KB)
Religious Instruction of Hindu Boys and Girls in Schools and Colleges 134-143 Ravi Varma Download PDF (508 KB)
The Rural Reconstruction Movement in South India 143-149 Appadorai Download PDF (351 KB)
Swami Ramakrishnananda 149-157 C. Aiyanger Download PDF (444 KB)
News and Reports 157-160 unknown Download PDF (201 KB)
Backmatter i-ii unknown Download PDF (545 KB)
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