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Founded in 1932, the Landholders’ Journal was the accredited organ of the landholding community of India, which, as the journal itself claimed, ‘forms about 90 per cent of the people of India’. The journal’s main purpose was to ‘establish better relationships among all sections of the agricultural classes by removing the cloud of misunderstanding which separates them and promote their economic and social well-being’. The journal boasted a progressive policy dictated by one ideal – ‘progress of the country as a whole along constitutional lines and without impairment of the basic rights of the zemindar community closely allied as they are with those of their tenants’. Contributions were invited to the journal on problems of interest to the country in general, and to the landholders and tenants in particular, items of personal and district news, reports of political and social events, autobiographical and biographical sketches with photographs of prominent members of the landholding community and photographs of general topical interest. The journal was published by J.K. Choudhuri at the Macson Press, Calcutta.


The journal published articles, reports, commentaries, notes, reviews, news and obituaries. Contributions covered various subjects including agriculture and revenue affairs, politics and administration, economy and commerce, economic geography and industries, foreign policy and international affairs, education and cinema. Published articles included ‘The Riots in India’; ‘In Defense of the Permanent Settlement’; ‘The Land Revenue Commission: Some Pointers’; ‘Extension of Democracy and Adult Franchise in India’; ‘Peasant Welfare’; ‘India’s Foreign Policy’; ‘Journalism in India’; ‘The Palestine Problem’; ‘Some Remarks on National Planning’; ‘Industrial Development of Bengal’; ‘The Cinema Industry and Its Future’; ‘Education and Unemployment’; and ‘Communalism in India and its Evil Effects’.


The journal’s regular sections included ‘Commercial Notes and Reviews’ and ‘Bengal Zemindars’. The journal also published reports of the activities of landholders’ associations in different parts of India as well as the proceedings of the landholders’ conferences.

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