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Title Ancient India - Bulletin of the Archaeological Survey of India
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name The Director General of Archaeology in India


Started in January 1946, Ancient India was the bulletin of the Archaeological Survey of India. The early few numbers of the journal were published by the Manager of Publications, Delhi and printed at the Baptist Mission Press, Calcutta. Later on, it came to be edited and published directly by the Director General of Archaeology in India. Ancient India started off as a bi-annual journal, but became an annual publication from 1949. Illustrated with plates, figures, tables, diagrams and maps, the journal was considered an authoritative publication in the field of ancient Indian history and archaeology. The journal offered a rich collection of research articles, notes, and documentations. ‘Notes’ and ‘Technical Section’ were the two regular sections of the journal. While the first provided brief information about the journal and the activities of the Archaeological Survey of India, the ‘Technical Section’ offered perspectives on various aspects of archaeology.

Contributors included historians and archaeologists. The themes covered were prehistory, ancient chronology, archaeological remains and sites, epigraphy, numismatics, pottery, ancient Indian literature, iconography, trade, Harappan culture, Asokan edicts, and so forth. Published articles included Stuart Piggot’s ‘The Chronology of Prehistoric North-West India’; G.M. Young’s ‘A New Hoard from Taxila (Bhir Mound)’; Stella Kramrisch’s ‘The Image of Mahadeva in the Cave-temple on Elephanta Island’; K.R. Srinivasan’a ‘The Megalithic Burials and Urnfields of South India in the light of Tamil Literature and Tradition’; R.E.M. Wheeler, A. Ghosh and Krishna Deva’s ‘Arikamedu: An Indo-Roman Trading Station on the East Coast of India’; B.B. Lal’s ‘Further Copper Hoards from the Gangetic Basin and a Review of the Problem’; V.D. Krishnaswami’s ‘Stone Age India’; V. Gordon Childe’s ‘Megaliths’; N.P. Chakravarti’s ‘The Minor Rock-edicts of Asoka’; K.R.U. Todd’s ‘The Microlithic Industries of Bombay’; and C. Sivaramamurti’s ‘Geographical and Chronological Factors in Indian Iconography’.

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