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Title Bulletin of National Geographical Society of India
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name National Geographical Society of India
Publisher Region Banaras

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The mouthpiece of the National Geographical Society of India, Banaras, was known as the Bulletin of National Geographic Society of India. The Society was housed at the Department of Geography, Banaras Hindu University, Banaras. First published in September 1946, the journal used to appear in the form of numbered bulletins. The Bulletin published articles, reports, notes and speeches on various aspects of modern geography. The contributors came from the ranks of professors, scholars, geographers and experts of other disciplines. 

Each number of the journal carried one or two well-researched articles, survey reports, or speeches, barring a few numbers where more than two pieces were published. Contributors included: Acharya Narendra Deva, Vice Chancellor, Banaras Hindu University; D.N. Wadia, the Geological Advisor to the Government of India; S. Krishnan, Director, Geological Survey of India; R.L. Sethi, Principal, College of Agriculture, Banaras Hindu University; H.L. Chhibber, Head and Professor, Department of Geography, Banaras Hindu University; and L. Dudley Stamp, Professor, University of London. The articles published covered the subjects of geography, geology and zoology – rivers, lands, natural resources, soil, oceans, mountains, plateau, fishes, animals, plants, zoo-geography, population, food crops, industries, and economy. Published articles included H.L. Chhibber’s ‘The Age, Origin and Classification of the Rivers of India’; R.L. Singh’s ‘The Trend of the Growth of Population in the United Provinces’; S.L. Hora’s ‘Torrential Fishes and the Significance of their Distribution in Zoo-geographical Studies’; A.K. Das Gupta’s ‘Economic Problems of India – Prices and Production’; M.L. Roonwall’s ‘Geographical and Geological Causes of the Migration of Animals’; D.N. Wadia’s ‘The Probing of the Earth’; M.S. Krishnan’s ‘Geographical Control in relation to Mineral Industries’; Acharya Narendra Deva’s ‘Land Reforms in China’; and R.L. Sethi’s ‘The Geographical Distribution of Food Crops in India and the Measures adopted to meet the Food Deficit’.

The journal published detailed annual reports on the work of the National Geographical Society. The speeches published in the journal included the addresses delivered as special lectures or at anniversary meetings of the Society.

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