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Title Brahman Samaj
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Basanta Kumar Tarkanidhi

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Started in 1319 B.S. (1912), Brahman Samaj was a monthly Bengali journal devoted to religion and philosophy. The journal was edited and published by Basanta Kumar Tarkanidhi from the Nabadwip Samaj Sammilita Bangiya Brahman Sabha, Calcutta. The journal published essays, commentaries, poems, songs, stories, reports, speeches, biographical accounts, and obituaries. The section entitled ‘Sambad’ (News) provided information about religious affairs and events from various parts of Bengal.

The contributors to the journal included authors, linguists, teachers, Sanskrit scholars, philosophers, and religious personalities. Those that contributed devotional stories, poems and songs included Charuchandra Bhattacharya, Manindrabhushan Ganguly, Gopal Chandra Bhattacharya, Pramathanath Sanyal, Surendramohan Kabyatirtha, Amritalal Bhattcharya, Srpad Bidyabinod, Jaychandra Siddhantabhushan, Prafulla Kumar Mukhopadhyay, and Shyamacharan Kabiratna Bidyanidhi. The core religious and philosophical ideas included ‘Upasana’ (Worship), ‘Dharma’ (Religion), ‘Balitattva’ (Theory of Sacrifice), ‘Punarjanma’ (Rebirth), ‘Shakti Upasana’ (Power Worship), ‘Pratima Puja’ (Idol Worship), ‘Khhoma’ (Forgiveness), and so on. Published articles included Baidyanath Kabya Purantirtha’s ‘Sanskar o Sukh’ (Reform and Happiness); Ayoddha Prasad Pare’s ‘Ami Ke?’ (Who Am I?); Anubhuti Bhattacharya’s ‘Ashoker Dharma’ (Asoka’s Dharma); Kalidas Bandyopadhyay’s ‘Kaliyuger Dharma Sadhana’ (The Pursuit of Religion in the Kali Yuga), Ramsaday Bedanta Sashtri’s ‘Parolok Rohosya’ (The Mystery of the Other World); and Shyamlal Goswami’s ‘Pan Pratha o Brahman Samaj’ (The Dowry System and Brahmanical Society).

The journal published the proceedings of the annual meetings of the Bangiya Brahman Sabha. Brahman Samaj also brought out the list of the names of recipients of scholarships and titles awarded by the Nabadwip Samaj Sammilita Bangiya Brahman Sabha. Speeches delivered at various meetings of the Bangiya Sabha were also reproduced in the journal. The journal regularly referred to the ‘Panjika’ or ‘PNaji’ (Bengali calendar). The journal occasionally published reviews of books as well as of essays published in other Bengali periodicals. The letters to the editor were regularly published in the journal.

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