Publication Title GalpaLahari
Document Title Volume IV, Issue 4, 1928
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Lakshmi Bilas Press
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date 1928
Subject Literature (and Fiction)
Title Pages Author / Editor
Bidyut 193-200 Phanindranath Pal Download PDF (904 KB)
Dehoghare Ek Ratri 201-212 Golokbihari Mukhopadhyay Download PDF (783 KB)
Agni-Parikha 213-216 Phanindranath Pal Download PDF (245 KB)
Nigrihita 217-224 Tinkari Bandopadhyay Download PDF (479 KB)
Phul-Shajya 225-226 Makhanlal Sen Download PDF (147 KB)
Biswasghatakata 227-232 Panchanan Dutta Download PDF (366 KB)
Sriti-Soudha 233-233 Surochita Devi Download PDF (88 KB)
Bathar Bojha 234-239 Kirit Ghosh Download PDF (484 KB)
Hriday-Parikha 240-244 Manmathnath Ghosh Download PDF (383 KB)
Shayamacharan 245-252 Gourgopal Bandopadhyay Download PDF (686 KB)
Purush-Sati 253-256 Sulekha Devi Download PDF (251 KB)
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