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Title Brahma Bidya
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Shrijukta Manmathamohan Basu

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Brahmabidya was a monthly Bengali journal devoted to religion and philosophy. It was founded in 1318 B.S. (1911). The journal was published by Manmathamohan Basu from the Bangiya Tattvasabha, Calcutta. The first editors of the journal were Purnendu Narayan Singha Bahadur and Hirendranath Datta. The journal published mainly devotional poems and songs, essays and commentaries, speeches and book reviews. The two regular sections of the journal were ‘Bibidha Prasanga’ (Various Matters) and ‘Pustak Prasanga’ (On Books). While the former carried information and news about the activities of the Tattvasabha and its branches in various parts of Bengal along with the speeches of activists like Annie Besant, the latter carried elaborate and critical reviews of recently published books on theology and philosophy.

The contributors included philosophers, scientists, devotees, intellectuals and monks. Poems and songs were contributed by Bankim Chandra Mitra, Kedarnath Gangopadhyay, Debendranath Mahinta, Jibendra Kumar Dutta, Hemchandra Mukhopadhyay, Priyanath Sen, Brajemdra Kumar Dasgupta, Ramsaran Mukhopadhyay, Narendranath Ghosh, and Anil Chandra Dutta. Brahmabidya was significant for its creative writings on religion, philosophy and science. The core philosophy of most articles on religion was ‘Bhakti’ (Devotion). The glories of Hindu science, on the other hand, were recollected with pride. Published articles included Purnendu Narayan Singha’s ‘Bhaktir Kromobikash’ (The Flowering of Devotion); Khagendranath Mitra’s ‘Biswer Jagaran’ (Awakening of the World); Makhanlal Raychaudhury’s ‘Chintashakti, Tahar Sangjam Sadhana’ (The Power of Thought, its Control and Culture); Sarat Chandra Ghosal’s ‘Bedanta-Paribhasha’ (Vedantic Terms); Purnananda Swami’s ‘Saral Jogsadhan’ (Simple Yoga); Nalinakhsha Bhattacharya’s ‘Paschatya Darshaner Abhinava Byanjana’ (The Unique Designations of Western Philosophy); Rabindra Kumar Basu’s ‘Nabya Europeo Darshan’ (Neo European Philosophy); Phanibhushan Tarkabagish’s ‘Batsayanbhashya’ (A Commentary on Vatsayan); and Haridas Bidyavinod’s ‘Hindur Bigyan Charcha’ (The Hindu Culture of Science).

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