Publication Title Jyan O Bigyan
Document Title Volume IV, Issue 4, 1951
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Sri Subodhnath Bagchi, Gupta Press
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date 1951
Subject Science, Technology and Medicine
Title Pages Author / Editor
Pater Katha 193-198 Mrityunjaykumar Mitra Download PDF (309 KB)
Aayon Badalkari Rajan 199-204 Sachindrakumar Dutta Download PDF (791 KB)
Prosadhan Drobyo 205-208 Ramgopal Chattopadhyay Download PDF (239 KB)
Maleriar Upor Mach-Chasher Probhab 208-210 Braja Majumdar Download PDF (195 KB)
Megh-Kokkho 210-215 Surjyendubikash Kar Download PDF (484 KB)
Chaul Ebong Bhat 215-217 Amalendu Gupta Download PDF (192 KB)
Mongol Groho 218-227 Sarojkumar Dey Download PDF (840 KB)
Sugondhi Tel 227-230 Krishnabhushan Dutta Download PDF (224 KB)
Jibanu-Bigyaner Kramobikash 230-234 Dilipkumar Das Download PDF (308 KB)
Bigyan-Sonbad 235-239 Gopalchandra Bhattacharyya Download PDF (528 KB)
Shok-Sonbad 240-240 Abala Basu Download PDF (261 KB)
Kishor Bigyanir Daptor i-256 Gopalchandra Bhattacharyya Download PDF (1.89 MB)
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