Publication Title Jyan O Bigyan
Document Title Volume I, Issue 1, 1948
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Sri Subodhnath Bagchi, Gupta Press
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date 1948
Subject Science, Technology and Medicine
Title Pages Author / Editor
Aamader Katha 1-2 Gopalchandra Bhattacharyya Download PDF (112 KB)
Bigyaner Porichched 3-5 Jogeshchandra Ray Download PDF (181 KB)
Ramendra’r Path Na Jagadish-Profulle’r Path ? 6-12 Binaykumar Sarkar Download PDF (445 KB)
Bigyaner Biswaroop 13-15 Priyadaranjan Ray Download PDF (158 KB)
Prithibir Khadyosamasya 16-20 Bireschandra Guha Download PDF (256 KB)
Bhoutik Aalo 21-25 Gopalchandra Bhattacharya Download PDF (392 KB)
Banglar Manush 26-30 Khitishprasad Chattopadhyay Download PDF (314 KB)
Jugsondhi 31-32 Jagannath Gupta Download PDF (100 KB)
Bangla Poribhasha 33-36 Gyanendralal Bhaduri Download PDF (241 KB)
Acharya Jagadishchandra 37-39 Charuchandra Bhattacharya Download PDF (214 KB)
Bartoman Sobhyotay Joibo Rasayaner Dan 40-44 Prafullachandra Mitra Download PDF (311 KB)
Bongiyo Bigyan Porishader Uddesya 45-48 Subodhnath Bakchi Download PDF (238 KB)
Dasamikaraner Andolan 49-53 Phanindranath Seth Download PDF (341 KB)
Padarther Gathon-Rahasyo 54-59 Dwarakanath Mukhopadhyay Download PDF (341 KB)
Desh Bigyan-Bimukh Keno 60-61 Parimal Goswami Download PDF (120 KB)
Bibidho Prosongo 62-64 Gopalchandra Bhattacharyya Download PDF (221 KB)
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