Document Title Asiatick Researches or Transactions of the Society Instituted in Bengal for inquiring into the History and Antiquities the Arts, Sciences and Literature of Asia
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Brojendro Lall Doss, No. 8 Puttuldangah Street
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date 1808
Subject History
Title Pages Author / Editor
Cover i - i unknown Download PDF (75 KB)
Frontmatter i - iv unknown Download PDF (177 KB)
Desiderata v - ix unknown Download PDF (1.48 MB)
I. On the Courfe of the Ganges Through Bengal 1 - 31 R.H. Colebrooke Download PDF (1.70 MB)
II. On Singhala, or Ceylon, and the Doetrines of Bhoodha; From the Books of the Singhalais 32 - 56 Mohony Download PDF (1.35 MB)
III. Narrative of a Route from Chunarghur to yertnagoodum, in the Ellore Circar 57 - 169 J.T. Blunt Download PDF (6.17 MB)
IV. An Account of a New Species of Delphinus, An Inhabitent of the Ganges 170 - ii Ronburgh Download PDF (1.59 MB)
V. Translation of One of Inscription on the Pillor at Dehlee, Called the Let of Feeroz Shah 175 - viii Henry Colebrook Download PDF (1.26 MB)
VI.Account of the Kookies or Luncats 183 - 198 John Macrae Download PDF (958 KB)
VII. Sanscrit and Pracrit Languages 199 - 231 H.T. Colebrooke Download PDF (2.08 MB)
VIII. On the Religious Ceremonies of the Hindus, and of the Bramens Especially 232 - 287 H.T. Colberooke Download PDF (3.30 MB)
IX. On the Religious Ceremonies of the Hindus, and of the Bramens Especially 288 - 311 H.T. Colebrooke Download PDF (1.28 MB)
X. An Account of a Method for Extending a Geographical Survey Across the Penin-sula of India 312 - 335 Lambton Download PDF (1.45 MB)
XI. On the Origin and Peculiar Tenets of Certain Muhammedan Sects 336 - 342 H.T. Colebrooke Download PDF (399 KB)
XII. A Summary Account of the Life and Writings of Avyar, a Tamul Female Philosopher 343 - 361 John Download PDF (956 KB)
XIII. Account of the St. Thome Christians on the Coast of Malabar 362 - 380 F. Wrede Download PDF (1.11 MB)
XIV. Account of an Hereditary Living Deity, to Whom Devotion is Paid by the Bramins of Poona and its Neighbourhood 381 - 396 Edward Moor Download PDF (972 KB)
XV. On the Religion and Manners of the People of Ceylon 397 - 444 Joinville Download PDF (2.70 MB)
XVI. A Chronological Tble of the Moghal Emperous, from Umeer Ttmoor is Alumgeer II. the father of the Present Emperor Shah Alum being from A.H. 736 to 1173, or A.D. 1335 to 1760 i - iii Lewis Smith Download PDF (496 KB)
XVII. Demonstration of the 12th Axiom of the first book of Euclid 445 - 450 Paul Limrick Download PDF (178 KB)
XIX. An Account of the Bezeegurs, a Sect Commonly Demoninated Nuts 451 - 479 David Richardson Download PDF (1.32 MB)
XX. On the Burmha Game of Chess, Compared with the Indian, Chinese, and Persian Game of the Same Denomination 480 - 504 Hiram Cox Download PDF (1.40 MB)
Members of the Asiatic Society 505 - 508 Hiram Cox Download PDF (169 KB)
Appendix i - ii unknown Download PDF (57 KB)
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