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Title Koishorak
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Children, short, stories, poems, fiction, sports, jungles, Rabindranath, Tagore, Jogendranath, Gupta, Calcutta, India


Started in Baishakh in 1344 B.S. (1937), Koishorak was a Bengali monthly journal mainly for children and young persons. The journal was given its name by Rabindranath Tagore. As the editor noted in its first issue, the journal intended to redress the absence of a young people’s periodical in Bengal. The regular sections of the journal were: ‘Bichitra Sambad’ (Varied Information); ‘Chhotoder Bandhu’ (Friends of Children); ‘Chhotoder Pata’ (Pages for Children); ‘Saat Sagarer Dheu’ (Tides of the Seven Seas); ‘Sompadoker Kotha’ (From the Editor); ‘Shikarer Kotha’ (Stories about Hunting); and ‘Grohe-Upogrohe’ (Among the Planets and Satellites).

The journal published poems, short stories and novellas. Contributors included Rabindranath Tagore, Mohitlal Majumdar, Kamini Ray, Dwijendranath Bhaduri, Pearymohun Sengupta, Bande Ali Mian, Kalidas Ray, Prangopal Bandyopadhyay, Umesh Chandra Dutta, Gyanendranath Ray, Jatindramohun Bagchi, Debabrata Ghosh, Gouranga Gopal Sengupta, Nabakrishna Bhattacharya, Pramathanath Chaudhury and Girija Kumar Basu. A few serialized writings appeared based on jungles, sports and other popular themes. These included Ajit Krishna Basu’s ‘Afrikar Gohone’ (In the Interior of Africa); Jogendranath Gupta’s ‘Khelar Mathe’ (At the Sports Ground); and Pratibha Devi’s ‘Little Women’. The journal carried writings on famous personalities, history, science, geography, education, society, and leisure. Other published articles included Jagadish Chandra Basu’s description of trees; Nripendranath Raychaudhury’s account of African bushmen; Himangshu Sekhar Gupta’s travelogue on the country of the Pagoda (Burma); Samsun Nahar’s account of Begam Rokeya’s life; Sudhansu Gupta’s description of the Eskimos of Iceland; and Sailendra Bijay Dasgupta’s recollection of 10 days among the Santals.


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