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Title Khristiya Bandhab
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Language Bengali


Khristiya Bandhab was a Bengali periodical started in 1879 and published by and for Bengali Christians. Mainly religious and philosophical in orientation, the journal focused on the Christian community living in Bengal. Apart from regular features giving religious counsel, its issues provided various news and information for general readers, and carried short stories, travel accounts and articles on contemporary issues.

The available issues (January–December 1897) indicate a strong emphasis on the dissemination of the gospels of Christianity among readers. The journal published stories from the Bible and other translations. Proceedings of the associations of Bengali Christians also appeared regularly. Accounts of the Serampore missionaries were predominant in such writings. The proceedings included those of the Serampore missionaries, the Baptist missionaries of south Calcutta, the Chapra Christian fair, the Italian Udyog Samiti of Calcutta, and Garo Mandalis of Mymensingh.

Published articles included Bipin Bihari Sarkar’s ‘Bibaha Karya’ (Marriage Rituals), M.M. James’ ‘Bilater Patra’ (Foreign Letters), Dhanai Biswas’ ‘Mussalmandiger Mon Poribartan’ (Change of Mind Among Mussalmans), D.L. Donald’s ‘Roman Catholic Purohiter Monporibartan’ (Change of Mind of the Roman Catholic Priest), Satyadas Sharma’s ‘Rin’ (Loan), Kailas Christodas’ ‘Jibondayak Khadya’ (Life-giving Food), Sarala Nath’s ‘Khrister Rajya Briddhir Nimitta Bhaginigon Ki Korite Paren?’ (What the Sisters Can Do to Spread Christianity?), and Ram Charan Ghosh’s ‘Samajonnoti’ (Progress of Society).

Essays also underlined the duties and responsibilities of the missionaries working among the people. Letters to the journal informed of the efforts of Christian missionaries in disseminating Christian ideas and carrying out baptism in Bengal. Reports from the fringes of Calcutta were also published, reflecting on the conditions of the Christian communities in those areas. Any organizational effort, baptism or any initiative to form a Christian group, mission or samiti was prominently mentioned.


Religion, philosophy, spirituality, missionaries, marriage, rituals, Christianity, Serampore, missionaries, Baptist, missionaries, Calcutta, India

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