Publication Title The Calcutta Review
Document Title Volume LXL, Issue 3, 1944
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name The University of Calcutta
Publication Date March - 1944
Subject History
Title Pages Author / Editor
Organisation of The Punjab Recruitment 151-159 H.C. Mookerjee Download PDF (376 KB)
Sir Brajendranath Seal 160-170 Satischandra Chatterjee Download PDF (552 KB)
Why Mathematics ? 171-177 F.W. Levi Download PDF (333 KB)
Early Annals of The Calcutta University (1866-1875) 178-187 A.P. Dasgupta Download PDF (431 KB)
an Unrecorded Maratha Victory of the year 1699 A.D. 188-190 A.P. Dasgupta Download PDF (127 KB)
Edward Young’s Love of Fame 191-200 Kalyan Dutt Download PDF (455 KB)
Raymond Burnier’s Photographs of Mediaeval Indian Sculpture 201-204 Kalyankumar Ganguli Download PDF (161 KB)
International Amity Furthered by Carnegie Endowment 205-207 Kalyankumar Ganguli Download PDF (110 KB)
Poesy—Fare thee Well 208-209 unknown Download PDF (108 KB)
Miscellany 210-212 unknown Download PDF (170 KB)
Round the World 213-220 unknown Download PDF (479 KB)
Reviews and Notices of Books 221-225 unknown Download PDF (284 KB)
Ourselves 226-231 unknown Download PDF (176 KB)
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