Publication Title The Calcutta Review
Document Title Volume LXV, Issue 1, 1945
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name The University of Calcutta
Publication Date April - 1945
Subject History
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i-xii unknown Download PDF (722 KB)
Education in Czechoslovakia 1-6 Jan Baros Download PDF (343 KB)
Sultan Ghiyasuddin Iwaz of Bengal 6-6 Abdul Khan Download PDF (53 KB)
The Sanctity of Agra 7-20 Mahdi Husan Download PDF (523 KB)
The Problems of Fish; Fishing and Fishermen in Bengal 20-23 Minendranath Basu Download PDF (267 KB)
Science Notes 23-26 unknown Download PDF (147 KB)
Round the World 26-28 S.K.C. Download PDF (215 KB)
Reviews and Notices of Books 29-31 M.B.B Download PDF (231 KB)
Ourselves 32-33 unknown Download PDF (143 KB)
Obituary 33-34 Kokileswar Sastri Download PDF (126 KB)
Official Notifications, University of Calcutta 34-42 J. Chakravorti Download PDF (463 KB)
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