First publication page
Title Sachitra Nabayug Saptahik
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Sachindra Nath Banerji
Publisher Region Calcutta


Founded in 1331 B.S. (1924), Nabayug or Sachitra Nabajug Saptahik was an illustrated weekly Bengali journal, printed and published from the Himani Press, Calcutta. One of the journal’s early editors was Jitendranath Bandyopadhyay. The journal published poems, short stories, novellas and plays as well as articles, reminiscences and reviews.


Published articles included Jogindranath Shil’s ‘Gitar Byakhya’ (Analysis of the Gita); Ashutosh Sanyal’s ‘Banglar Natyashastra’ (Bengal’s Theatre); and Ashes Chandra Basu’s ‘Chalachitrer Itribritta’ (History of Cinema). The journal published occasional features on women’s cosmetics and beautification (‘Saundarja Briddhir Sahaj Upay’) or news from the arts and literature (‘Shilpa o Sahitya Sambad’). Nabayug published translations of articles published in Gandhi’s Young India.


The journal had regular sections – ‘Kajer Kotha’ (Relevant Matters), which offered brief notes on contemporary affairs; ‘Rangalay’ (The Theatre), which provided news and reviews of new plays; and ‘Pustak Somalochona’ (Book Reviews). The journal carried illustrations by artists such as Hemendranath and Jaminikanta Ray.

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