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Title Bandhab
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Sri Harihar Nandi Printer


Bandhab was a monthly Bengali journal published in colonial India. The journal published long essays on literary, philosophical and historical themes as well as poems, novels and plays. Mention could be made of a serialized essay ‘Bharate Stri-Shikhshar Chari Jug’ (Four Decades of Women’s Education in India) by an anonymous writer that threw light on the trends and evolution of women’s education in India since ancient times, reflecting upon the status of women in society during various periods of history. In contrast, Mohinimohun Acahrya’s ‘Adarsha Hindu Stri Charitra’ (The Ideal Hindu Wife) delineated the virtues of a traditional Hindu woman. Basanta Kumar Ray’s ‘Kabyaprakash’ (Poetical Expression), Sashimohun Basak’s enquiry about the identity of the mythical Karna in ‘Karna Ke’ (Who was Karna?), Chandrakanta Nyayalankar’s ‘Sanskrita Sikshabishoyak Bishoy’ (Subjects Concerning Sanskrit Education), Gyanananda Sharma’s notes on Vedic Bengali and its rhymes, and Jadunath Chakraborty’s ‘Vaishnavasastrachitravali’ were other essays published in the journal.

Kedarnath Majumdar’s ‘Prachin Zamidar o Zamidari Sashan’ (Ancient Zamindars and Zamindari Administration) and ‘Ingrej Sashaner Prathomik Byabostha’ (The Primary Structures of English Administration) were written as part of a history of Mymensingh. Brajasundar Sanyal’s history of west Bundelkhand may be regarded a precursor of twentieth-century regional history writing. Writings of philosophy included Kokileswar Bhattacharya’s articles in the series ‘Darshanik Moter Samanyay’ (Coordination of Philosophical Ideas), Janakinath Pal’s ‘Prokriti, Purush, Vivek’ (Nature, Man, Conscience), and Sashimohun Basak’s ‘Saundarya o Upashona’ (Beauty and Worship). Articles on religious themes were contributed by Dharmananda Mahabharati and Janakinath Pal. Fiction writers included Kaliprasanna Kabyatirtha, Satischandra Mitra, Harihar Seth, Umeshchandra Chakladar, Kartickchandra Dasgupta, Baradaranjan Shil, Manindra Kumar Ray, Dhirendranath Ghosh, Brajendra Kumar Basak and Brajendranath Mitra.


Literature, philosophy, history, education, women, poems, Kokileswar, Bhattacharya, Sashimohun, Basak, Calcutta, India

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