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Title Aryadarshan
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Language Bengali


Aryadarshan, a Bengali monthly journal, was first published in Baishakh 1281 B.S. (1874). Although the names of the contributors to the journal were mostly omitted, the available issues (Baishakh to Chaitra 1282 B.S. – 1875/76) draw attention to the high quality of published essays and literary pieces. One of the regular features of the journal was its book reviews, which provided useful information on and critique of books of diverse interest. A few review articles were published. Poems and novellas appeared only occasionally in the journal. Some serial writings seemed to have attained wider readership and popularity given their successful run in the journal. These included ‘Kabittva o Kavya Samalochona’ (Poetics and Critique), ‘John Stuart Miller Jibanbritta’ (The Life of John Stuart Mill), and ‘Joseph Matsini and Nabya Italy’ (Joseph Mazzini and Young Italy).

Essays on historical subjects dominated the journal. The battle of Plassey, Ballal Sen, the unity of India, dynastic histories, administrative procedure, the description of the Rajas of Nabadwip, the religious life of Bengali women, and agricultural development of the country were some of the themes. Some contrasting articles on scientific and religious subjects were written from purely historical perspectives. Mention may be made of the essays on Darwinism as a scientific theory and Jainism as a religion. Essays of general interest dwelling on geographical, scientific, literary and philosophical themes also featured regularly in the journal. Such pieces included ‘Chattagram: Prakritik Bibaran’ (Chittagong: A Description); ‘Tarit o Bidyut’ (Magnetism and Electricity); ‘Durgotsav’ (Durga Puja); ‘Dharma Niti’ (Religious Principles); ‘Bajraghate Mrityu’ (Death by Electrocution); ‘Vedavyas’ (Practice of the Vedas); ‘Bibaha o Putrattva Bishoye Manur Mat’ (The Opinion of Manu about Marriage and Sonship); ‘Bhumikomper Upakarita’ (The Benefits of Earthquakes); ‘Bhrunahatya, Sishuhatya Nibaraner Upay Ki?’ (How to Put an End to Abortion and Child Slaughter?); ‘Rosayansastrer Abasyikata o Itibritta’ (The Relevance and History of Chemistry); ‘Ramprasad Sen’; ‘Sarir o Mon’ (Body and Mind); ‘Sankhya Darshan’ (Numerical Philosophy); and so on.


Religion, Agriculture, History, Literature, biography, dynastic, histories, Ballal, Sen, Plassey, Calcutta, India

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